A neighborhood’s tale of twins

ABC News’ Kyra Phillips tells the story of one Maryland cul-de-sac featuring five sets of twins.
5:53 | 07/31/20

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Transcript for A neighborhood’s tale of twins
I'm an old double mint gum jingle double your pleasure double your fun well. That is a familiar tune in one Marilyn neighborhood with a surprising phenomenon five sets of twins. On one street in fact while the couple says they conceive just one week after moving on the block ABC's Kara Phillips has this tale of twins. It's a curious cul-de-sac. Saturated with suspicious simple yes. Six of leaks. And mired with multiple series. Rings can anybody please solve this mystery for me. How this happens how five sets of twins ended up in this cul-de-sac. I think it's just good luck. Like people say something a lot higher. Yeah can you believe the skies are part of a neighbor hand with. Four other sets of twins. I'm thankful for my parents live. And yes I did say four sets of twins and now Matty and Jodi make five from brand new babies to six grade. College bound. College students and almost college grads this twin tail in Maryland is like no other. Any advice twins to the new parents he argued over everything. Now. About a gets back I asked cars eat in the car. Honestly I think it's great being in. I think they're gonna love it it's always nice if happily combat and ground them. A K mom and dad any questions for the twins in the neighborhood. If any of you are available at babies. What reaction do you get from other people at school or in your neighborhood aid like I if you'll get them normal because. It just like it though had been three at and then it. Lauren and I think that kind of half. The only that we were pregnant. Two months after removed it and and then denies it was clean it was night. And then only connected with the fact that we live on its luck with all these swing like Kiffin with an eight. Dostum along with a lot of history. On the home videos and funniest photos. Chronicling its community of block parties and babysitting that's created a bond on history. That's Serran dividends. It's so crazy because every somewhat tell people we have twin girls were twins and we were expecting twins you know with the man that's so cool. But when I told that the people on the street. They're like Greg lynch enter the fourth and at twin girls that wasn't really is an exciting thing. Is it was startled world. There and yes I'm like okay I guess we're just. Another set against this and every set available for advice. Which leads me see you. Advice for the new parents. About dating. But the. I don't I don't old fashion as the way to down you know have the guy in the year and makes any respectable. And pictured you get one twenty app Aaron ignited and I know that like it's when we'll definitely have. I think if they're dating. Definitely be making check is. OK so. You know we will have each other's backs in and that kind and so they'd they'd definitely vote Kobe bluntly we won't be shy of it and went about other opinions. So do both have to improve. I'm elated at the pain and. Your unique in that you all have each other you talk about how close you are the unity that you have in light of what's happening in our country. There's a message here right. And I think like our twin bonds yet can definitely be. An example for and went outside. You know just working together communicating. You know and just. Living life out to be the best that you can I think that's very important. I think what's so much you know change and uncertainty the plate going on Rey now. It's nice to come back here in lake always have this kind Stan bond not only with your twin but with all the other twins on the street and now we have. In this sense it's plans I think it's just a really special thing. It's that apartments are de France and not outward looking past these differences to come together as Everett appreciating our differences are merely. Taking nose like making our community stronger. More together at. We're so diverse here. In we have a combination of so many different cultures background. Races on and it and all that put. Until people all the time to the world I wish the world was more like. My street because it is an idol where we're from we're all happy where ever and Arthel six. Exactly why I sent these teams loose to this street they are my twins and we just had to see for ourselves. What we have to look forward to. I think that the connection between all and here and in neighbor had a point you really means is like Yankee at community. How different that is especially right now considering happening in our world hopefully I guests other us lower that only. Lake communities editing and Mike we founding here between innings and other people just need to look harder there. Not hiding in places. Such a nice story and unique. Community there are thanks to cure.

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{"duration":"5:53","description":"ABC News’ Kyra Phillips tells the story of one Maryland cul-de-sac featuring five sets of twins.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72112314","title":"A neighborhood’s tale of twins","url":"/US/video/neighborhoods-tale-twins-72112314"}