Mom's Sanity Questioned in Murder Case

Nevada mother said she heard evil voices after allegedly killing her daughter.
1:29 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Mom's Sanity Questioned in Murder Case
That case is such a serious threat to state has filed criminal complaint here. Charging -- refusal -- and this is a time set for arraignment. I think I can not. Continuing with -- without the defendant present. When it became obvious that continual slaughter wasn't going to be -- in court. Judge Joseph Bonaventure wanted answers I'd like another reason that she wasn't transported to court I. Let me hear from the corrections officer did. She -- some kind of threat to either -- there -- -- -- herself offered to other inmates. There -- -- you. And where -- her usual or. -- also attracted the attention of the district attorney when I learned this -- refused to come to court. I was a little surprised both sides have questions slaughter sanity. After the 27 year old was found running naked in the middle of the street with -- blood on her hands claiming she had been hearing evil voices. Did -- it would like to know she is competent to stand trial before moving forward there will be more work done on this carries cultural Warner's murder of her examined by doctors. And we'll see what these stalkers -- opinions or the judge -- you rain for Friday morning. And -- corrections officers to remove slaughter from -- -- and bring her to court hopeful Friday shall come to court. Shall be presented with a charging document and shall be asked whether or not she understands.

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{"id":15927224,"title":"Mom's Sanity Questioned in Murder Case","duration":"1:29","description":"Nevada mother said she heard evil voices after allegedly killing her daughter.","url":"/US/video/nevada-mom-danielle-salughters-sanity-questioned-in-murder-case-15927224","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}