Police Beat Man in Diabetic Shock

Man who Nevada police believed was intoxicated is awarded $158,000 settlement.
1:25 | 02/08/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police Beat Man in Diabetic Shock
Gun drawn -- police officer approaches the call about suspected drunk driver and yeah. Oh yeah. When the man has pulled from the car and HT dash cam video shows officers swore. And one Henderson officer assisting in the chase begins kicking delivering several strong blows to the head. And 200 Newton. It's alarming it's egregious. In the middle and make -- little -- stomach -- Todd Moody's the lawyer representing the man in that video let's just say they could handled it. Much differently than -- -- and making matters worse the man was not wrong at all instead suffering a diabetic episode insulin shock and in minutes the symptoms of intoxication. They should have been aware that they should have been trained on how to handle that. And I -- estimates and assumptions that were wrong. Officers eventually realize their mistake and are heard calling for a medical help. We've gotten in -- in the pocket. -- -- you -- that night. Micron that this was a traumatic event for him. And I think anyone who sees the video would would understand why the attorney calls his clients a good man and hopes this settlements in this video. Change the way Henderson handles similar cases in the future.

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{"duration":"1:25","description":"Man who Nevada police believed was intoxicated is awarded $158,000 settlement.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"15540537","title":"Police Beat Man in Diabetic Shock","url":"/US/video/nevada-police-beat-man-in-diabetic-shock-15540537"}