Nevada Psychiatric Hospital Accused of 'Patient Dumping'

State hospital is investigated for improperly discharging and busing mentally ill patients to other states.
1:44 | 04/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nevada Psychiatric Hospital Accused of 'Patient Dumping'
It's the state of Nevada is biggest psychiatric hospital and it stands accused. Of -- mentally ill patients to California if these allegations are true they are very disturbing doctor Marvin south there is the director of LA county's department of mental health. He says no such patients have been identified in Los Angeles. But the county's homeless outreach teams are keeping a close eye on large parks Hollywood. And on Skid Row in case there out there. Practice like this sending him to a distant city without any support without any family connection with -- any medication. Would be very unusual and disturbing. No medicine no treatment no care people who have mental issues. Just don't. LA city attorney Carmen true Tenet says his office has launched a formal investigation into whether hundreds of mentally ill patients were indeed. Bused to Los Angeles. And San Francisco over the past five years it taxes the resources of the residents of Los Angeles. In terms of their ability to receive the services that they -- me. Officials with Ross and Neal hospital in Las Vegas deny the allegations. We don't just put people -- but there have been -- so -- -- everytime I hear that I just crane. Also the state of Nevada says they have no proof that patient dumping is taking place. The hospital acknowledged making one mistake but discharged patient who was confused and suicidal was set on a bus to Sacramento with only snacks. And a three day supply of medicine. -- -- -- -- And errors documentation error it's not about it. It's a marriage that's not our statewide policy that's not how we treat people here.

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{"id":19031597,"title":"Nevada Psychiatric Hospital Accused of 'Patient Dumping'","duration":"1:44","description":"State hospital is investigated for improperly discharging and busing mentally ill patients to other states.","url":"/US/video/nevada-psychiatric-hospital-accused-patient-dumping-19031597","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}