New Jersey Mom Fakes Cancer For Profit

Lori Stilley's friends and family helped pay for imaginary treatment.
3:00 | 09/27/12

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Transcript for New Jersey Mom Fakes Cancer For Profit
She has that actually. She commenced a lot of people that she was very sick police said -- Geovany says it was last February -- her sister Dolores dilly. Dropped a bombshell. She had bladder cancer soon she'd be in a wheelchair the family was heartbroken. My wife would wake up of them all the night crying and dying in the bed tonight how can god do this -- and -- kids in and I say hey you know there's an answer there is hope somewhere and when we started suspect that I just couldn't believe it. Geovany begin raising thousands of dollars through school and community fund raisers in still -- even authored -- e-book for money. A FaceBook page was created to document her struggle people dropped off dinner after dinner at the family home. I just felt like I was doing something even I couldn't help. -- -- Relatives even planned a wedding for her in just ten days they say it was still he's dying wish. But soon things didn't add up. Doctors appointments were constantly canceled and still he allegedly claimed she be -- -- hospice but didn't want family there. She. Came to my daughter's playoff field hockey team and it was very dramatic you know and wheelchair and -- has -- hospice the next day and I'm staring at her saying. She just doesn't look. -- Finally in November after getting little help from her sister or parents. The Geovany decided to go to police after all she'd been spearheading the fund raising efforts and the most difficult part of the ordeal for her. Still -- children believed all along their mother was dying. Fractured from much of her family to Geovany just wants her sister to get help. As much as people probably hate her right now I just want them is take a step back and think that she she needs help.

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{"id":17337489,"title":"New Jersey Mom Fakes Cancer For Profit","duration":"3:00","description":"Lori Stilley's friends and family helped pay for imaginary treatment.","url":"/US/video/new-jersey-mom-fakes-cancer-for-profit-17337489","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}