New York City Bike Path Stabbings Leave 5 Hurt

Homeless man suspected in the attacks along the Hudson River on the Upper West Side is in custody.
4:34 | 10/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York City Bike Path Stabbings Leave 5 Hurt
Multiple people stabbed on Manhattan's west side tavern at about 8 o'clock this morning on a bike path along the Hudson River between 64 and 61 street five people were injured we have team coverage on this story and the heirs to the ground -- begin with Michelle Charles -- live at the -- Michelle. -- -- -- While ago he says they have a suspect in custody he is a homeless man that his name is 43 year old Julius Graham originally from Texas. And that as recently as last week it was thing in a homeless shelter in the Bronx -- this whole thing unfolded. Around 8 o'clock this morning on his beautiful bike -- to the Hudson River. Start around 64 street and then it continued down to about 61 street first. A woman who was running here was stabbed in the back and then a man a father and his two year old son were both slashed. Both police say by -- homeless man we spoke to an eyewitness just a few minutes ago runner who is. On the same -- every morning she happened upon the crime scene minutes after it happened listen to what she saw. People like don't go there don't go there there is a man stabbing -- -- And so we saw the cops move out and we walked over to the area and we saw them -- that guides the grounds and the woman who had been stabbed was at this point in the -- car. And she'd been screaming beautiful -- run turned into a bloody random attack -- five people including a child. That is sure -- fields -- the parks department was on scene and eyewitness tells us. -- started when a homeless man jumped out and stabbed a thirty year old woman jogger in the chest. Also attacked slashed was a two year old little boy whose stroller could be seen left at the crime scene. At least two others also Reuters a man and a woman were caught with what the eyewitness tells us look like pruning shears. This is prime waterfront real estate here luxury -- -- buildings where professionals jog or bike every morning also making a home here though. Reportedly are a lot of homeless people under the Henry Hudson. And along this path. Shocked shocked that here -- enjoy your morning -- all the sudden you're being stabbed by increasing percent. That's -- -- just looked like -- -- had not been shocked us. Again -- -- police commissioner saying just a few minutes ago they do have a suspect in custody he is a homeless man. 43 year old. Julius Graham originally from Texas and that as recently as last week he was any homeless shelter in the Bronx this is still a very active crime scene. Witnesses are still on scene and Libyan backed being I talked to by detectives were alive at 59 street and Hudson River Riverside park just under the Henry Hudson. Parkway Michelle Charles with channel seven Eyewitness -- back -- you. Hi Michelle thank you for that report we now move on to Eyewitness News reporter -- book windows live outside Roosevelt hospital was some of the victims are being treated at this hour right -- center. -- that's right hospital officials are confirming that four of the victims are here at Roosevelt. A man and a woman are in critical condition one man a woman rather woman in guarded condition. A two year old child believed to be a two year old boy is -- stable condition. Now that -- victim is at saint Luke's hospital uptown that man is reported in stable condition. -- can tell -- that the victims suffered several of them stab wounds to the chest. One of them a stab wound to the -- another stab wound to the stomach which -- -- two year old boys suffered a -- wound. That's the latest Roosevelt hospital here on the west side of -- her -- -- channel seven Eyewitness News. -- Sandra thank you now the story from the air and Dan rice live in this -- seven above the scene Dan. And we're it would give police still have the scene at the Bartlett the video that we shot earlier -- discovers that -- arrived on the scene. -- -- police around a stroller with a young victim helpless that of course they were doing their investigation throughout the -- That -- what you do see police look into it appears to be one of the witnesses. That would in the park at the -- does that mean of course that person appears takes up across the above frigid -- -- goes out to different parts of the part of the back out the live video. It's it is the biggest part is that -- -- using Scott -- seven. You show you that concept that this morning the first that we have about here this -- The victims of the move down to where the -- to step down here and head down at 61 street down at the other end of the park. So you can see a very big -- got -- police still on the scene so working the situation worse we'll keep you updated throughout the day has details changed my hero mr. Reporting live over the west -- -- -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":20433332,"title":"New York City Bike Path Stabbings Leave 5 Hurt","duration":"4:34","description":"Homeless man suspected in the attacks along the Hudson River on the Upper West Side is in custody.","url":"/US/video/new-york-city-bike-path-stabbings-leave-5-hurt-20433332","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}