New York Mother Charged in 4-Year-Old Son's Death

Semi-conscious mom and her dead son were found in their Mamaroneck apartment.
3:00 | 10/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York Mother Charged in 4-Year-Old Son's Death
A mother and Westchester County now charged and -- shocking crime that death of our own four year old son. His lifeless body found in their Condo and Ameritech Eyewitness News reporter Lisa -- Rossi joins us with more recent. You know tem -- police are still trying to figure out exactly what led to the horror they found inside a hot -- few condos last night police removed evidence bags from the complex. Few hours after making that disturbing discovery yesterday officers responding to a request to check on a 46 year old. -- -- -- Maria -- got -- soccer semi conscious inside her home her four year old son Jason reached dead. Police have not said what happened to Jason with the condition his body led them to bring more -- -- in for questioning she is now charged. With the boy's murder neighbors including a woman who taught Jason nearby child development class are still stunned by the news. Really good can't used to -- And dad. Very energetic -- I broke down the -- -- goodness. Shocking she just seemed to be a terrific very upbeat person. Always with the sun the a dozen conversations I've had where there were absolutely. Terrific nothing that would. -- any sense that something like this would happen. -- got I was charged with second degree murder reports say she Jason's father are divorced and are in -- custody battle.

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{"id":17376427,"title":"New York Mother Charged in 4-Year-Old Son's Death","duration":"3:00","description":"Semi-conscious mom and her dead son were found in their Mamaroneck apartment.","url":"/US/video/new-york-mother-charged-4-year-old-sons-death-17376427","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}