Newark Mayor Calls Teen Beating 'Human Tragedy'

Cory Booker condemns videotaped attack in which victim was stripped and whipped with a belt.
2:22 | 02/13/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newark Mayor Calls Teen Beating 'Human Tragedy'
Three arrests in -- tonight any case we told you about last night the crime of vicious beating recorded as a crowd watched and laughed. But it was never reported to police until the video was posted online Eyewitness News reporter Tim Fleischer is live in Newark with more Tim. And Diana Newark mayor Cory Booker he describes as vicious beating his quote. A human tragedy -- they've arrested three -- and they'll face charges here. Did Essex County but of those three -- the mayor says -- -- he's unacceptable behavior. We do not tolerate this viciousness. We do not tolerate. This kind of evil in our community. That evil mayor Cory Booker refers to as she filled out for all to witness in this vicious beating of young -- -- -- -- close and with with a belt. All of it recorded and put that on the Internet leading tool -- to Newark police and now the arrest of these three men and the discovery of a reluctant victim. He didn't report this when it first took place like the mayor indicated. And that was out of fear of the individuals that did this to. Arrested or 22 year old a mud -- 43 year old Jamar -- and 31 year old -- team Clark. All three you're being charged with aggravated assault robbery and possession of a weapon the bill used to with the -- -- much it is too graphic to show a -- hold police say is the man who was behind the vicious beating wildly swinging away at the victim. -- great they allege took the video and -- Clark investigators believe supplied the belt that was used. It what is described as a dispute over a measly forty dollars people like children to cannot believe. -- -- better -- we want to start just terrible really terrible. But mayor Booker flanked by troubled police and City Council members revealed that here in this alleyway sometime last -- others witnessed the beating and humiliation. Who witnessed this type of vicious brutality. And said nothing. And while the suspects allegedly stole money from the victim to settle -- debt. Mayor Booker says the motive -- much -- the motivation was intimidation and brutality. And cruelty. And again most troubling to the mayor into the City Council members as well the fact that there were witnesses to this meeting and that no one -- Reporting live in -- to -- channel seven.

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{"id":18494774,"title":"Newark Mayor Calls Teen Beating 'Human Tragedy'","duration":"2:22","description":"Cory Booker condemns videotaped attack in which victim was stripped and whipped with a belt.","url":"/US/video/newark-mayor-calls-teen-beating-human-tragedy-18494774","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}