Newtown Overwhelmed by Acts of Kindness

People from around the world send cards, flowers and Christmas trees to Newtown.
1:39 | 12/18/12

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Transcript for Newtown Overwhelmed by Acts of Kindness
If it is any comfort -- town does not suffer alone take a walk to -- -- flower shop. They have received orders -- from around the world who got some from Germany. We got some from New Britain. Where else. California Florida. Kansas -- and I think almost. -- budgeted figure we've got a call. At the post office still many condolence cards and letters have poured in a special -- has -- been set -- to collect them mountain of notes. For later distribution to the families. The fire house which was the emotional epicenter for parents frantically looking for their children. On that gruesome warning today received 26 -- from the Christmas farm in Portland Oregon. Mike had three major theme of simple process -- each victim and delivered them today. Nobody can stop any of the pain north these people are going through this just a tragedy beyond comprehension brilliance. And then there's the local watering hole the new -- general store manager gasoline Ramos got a call this morning from a stranger. Offering to buy coffee for anyone who need is some warm comfort. The kind gesture poured out into a hundred cops everybody was -- he and trying you know. -- five people from its. We found that -- Tom Cavanaugh in Los Angeles -- 911 operator who has handled plenty of emergencies but this one moved him to act. After the -- funeral. They may break apart tasting event their -- will never be the same. I figured you a cup of coffee goes along winds.

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{"id":18007621,"title":"Newtown Overwhelmed by Acts of Kindness","duration":"1:39","description":"People from around the world send cards, flowers and Christmas trees to Newtown.","url":"/US/video/newtown-overwhelmed-acts-kindness-18007621","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}