Newtown School Shooting: Social Media Reaction

Yahoo's Phoebe Connelly on how people are using the Web to express thoughts about the shooting.
2:42 | 12/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newtown School Shooting: Social Media Reaction
When that tragedy struck. People took to social media not only to share the information but as we learned more to memorialize those victims to call for change and to now. Search for means to give back to help that community in need of healing. -- -- -- is senior editor at Yahoo! she's joining us now live from Washington DC. Phoebe there obviously has been an outpouring of an emotion. On line hash tags everyone is incorporating those to try to see how they can give back and help this community of Newtown what are people saying. -- Some -- taxation and most of are actually very simple I'm pray for new town. You know prayers for katic had. People just -- to express solidarity with the family -- and the victims and to show that it wouldn't their hearts are are with those folks. And there is not a very personal exchange via social media between a New York Giants football player right and one of the victims' families. So Victor Cruz who is a player for the New York Giants found out that -- into one of the victims. Was a big fan of the football play there and so he reached out to the family and expressed. You know his support for -- and he wrote. Jack and his name on his shoes and his gloves before his game on Sunday and treated out of photos saying that you know this game was about little boy. And I'm in this photo was shared widely over Twitter and and also Victor Cruz's name was. Became trending because if you were searching and looking for this tribute to this young boy. As we've been talking about across all of our ABC platforms were obviously starting a conversation and dialogue this week -- -- -- -- important issues that need to be addressed following Friday's tragedy. He -- his social media and not just to offer their condolences but also as a way for called action are people using social media -- Initiate conversations about gun control. Right to -- the White House is set up an online portal this has been around for some time which allow his. Citizens to go online and to petition for -- thing. So petition that was introduced -- -- gun control legislation has been one of the fastest moving petitions -- signatures. -- -- the White House has ever seen it's now over a 140000. Signatures the most popular petition that has ever been put up on the whitehouse dot com site. There have been so many issues that have been brought up in these past couple of days gun control mental illness school safety. What have been the primary searches that people have been looking for. You know people really are looking for way to show their support their solidarity for families one of the biggest -- -- we've seen has just been -- sandy -- school colors. People wanting to Wear a bit of color on -- on the shirt on Marla Powell to express their support for these families. -- TV coming from Washington DC TV thank you.

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{"id":17998039,"title":"Newtown School Shooting: Social Media Reaction","duration":"2:42","description":"Yahoo's Phoebe Connelly on how people are using the Web to express thoughts about the shooting.","url":"/US/video/newtown-school-shooting-social-media-reaction-17998039","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}