Newtown Shooting: Moment of Silence in Connecticut

Bells ring 26 times for each victim killed inside Sandy Hook Elementary School.
9:32 | 12/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Newtown Shooting: Moment of Silence in Connecticut
This is NB BC news special report. Tragedy at sandy hook. Good morning I'm George Stephanopoulos for joining alive right now to share in a moment of silence for the young children and women killed in Newtown Connecticut one week ago. Sandy hook elementary school the -- of the tragedy that community the whole country stricken by the news you see in Newtown right there. The flags flying at half -- today a national moment of silence all over the country at exactly 9:30 eastern time. In new town the bells -- trinity episcopal church -- -- 26 times once for each life lost its sandy hook. And ABC's -- Davis is outside that church this morning good morning Wednesday. Good morning George certainly heavy rain and wind this morning in Newtown Connecticut we are all standing in the midst of puddles of sorrow here -- -- just outside. The trinity episcopal church one of the locations where so many funerals took place here this week this is also where those -- its bills. The bells will hold for 26 tons of course -- Twenty children six women. -- I'm sandy hook elementary school just down the street on the steps of town hall that's where the governor lieutenant governor and first selectmen in -- have gathered. To pay tribute. -- -- the lives lost. Majority in the senate back to where just about to hear those -- And the national -- bells also -- 26 times this morning. Right there in Washington -- Obama will mark the moment privately. Inside the white -- of course he was in new town on Sunday night there's the White House right there and -- will not appear before the cameras. Today but -- of observing a moment of silence and in Newtown. The community is gathered to remember. The trinity episcopal church. -- -- -- A and a I'm. Are. And. -- And in. -- -- -- -- Only saves lives cut short. And sandy hook. The president hasn't set observed his home privately in the White -- but he did send out this message on Twitter. He said twenty beautiful children and six remarkable adults together we will carry on and make our country worthy of their memory. We're -- return -- -- good morning American or other regular programs thanks for watching us. I'm George Stephanopoulos in New York have a good day. This is -- special. BC news.

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{"id":18035164,"title":"Newtown Shooting: Moment of Silence in Connecticut","duration":"9:32","description":"Bells ring 26 times for each victim killed inside Sandy Hook Elementary School.","url":"/US/video/newtown-shooting-moment-silence-connecticut-18035164","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}