NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Disney's Day of Giving

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert and Disney star Joshua Rush talk with the commissioner about NFL players helping out with the relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.
3:29 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Disney's Day of Giving
I've been accidentally editing of I think I like me to introduce. It let's let's get commissioner. I it is ivy and sacred ABC this is Josh restaurant and beaten acting you know. Here and granddaughters. He's nine ahead no review that's amazing thing. Let's toys is just wanted to meet you Kevin I think I am a living make the introduction. That's great for me going to be honest with the I'm I you know on fifteen. And try to get and it's a college and I'm looking for internships right now. So I'm in. Not only am I able to get accident on that a Middleton you know do a little networking you know I think you can have a very good job of the commute card you guys know you. I don't a not Whitney not. Are regular people got. I'm people zazi of people. It making exit on the do you think he might get in. Look you know yet if you. Yes of course yet have any questions for commissioner that was asking questions that might and I like debuting in Kimberly cricket broadcast. Would you asked music. It's easy man you let me just could not are you being on. I don't. I'm not in your position usually let me warn yeah I'll warn. This is amazing obviously the NFL has a charitable arm you guys get to community programs every single day thank you for being a part of our partnership with the Red Cross who. This isn't quite in this news release some important and you have a team in Houston. We do we have a team it just got back to Houston actually they've been away for almost week now. Interest enough room. Where are Katrina obviously occurred in. The two cities. Both of these disasters and you have some amazing players seeking lots. There is really Felton is that you know we're so proud of our players who. JJ is really been a great leader and somebody who's doing. Such an incredible work in making a difference and all our players wanted to get back into the community try to help and that's something really proud of. We have this stars that to you a little bit extra go the extra mile. You know take another down and giving them to speak well JJ doesn't on the field but he doesn't off field and I think that's where it really. Set them apart and that's our players where they wanna be in the communities it's important to them. And they want to help you wanna give back and they wanna help unite. And the fact is is you're here. And it's not like you don't have anything else to view and you've got a busy day ahead why was it important it comes to the selling TSS to Barak Good Morning America to get this early in the morning well I. Love the idea and I think we all need soon is Americans. I think that things so inspiring us that we all come together during times like this and we help one another. And obviously people the Texas Gulf Coast. Need that assistance they need that inspiration they need that support and they need to note that were there for them and we're gonna help them rebuild. Obviously lead by example for the entire week so we want to thank you so it's my pleasure thank you here at and I get a new Internet Hussein in. It did I leave anything out just as there. I think I think I think he'd held and the comfort via. I'm I have to think about it Mike Glover with a couple more questions by. It looks like you have a free don't open dory here all right. Thank you for banks and a marathon an outlet used a gun in your company's got to get back ethnic make up let you.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"ABC News' Adrienne Bankert and Disney star Joshua Rush talk with the commissioner about NFL players helping out with the relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Harvey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49536233","title":"NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Disney's Day of Giving","url":"/US/video/nfl-commissioner-roger-goodell-disneys-day-giving-49536233"}