NM Governor Asks for Prayers, Privacy for Roswell Shooting Victims

Gov. Susana Martinez discusses the conditions of the two students shot inside their middle school.
3:00 | 01/15/14

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Transcript for NM Governor Asks for Prayers, Privacy for Roswell Shooting Victims
This is a special group. Hello I'm Taina Hernandez in New York with -- ABC news digital special report 24 hours ago the town -- Roswell, New Mexico was thrown into terror. A twelve year old boy walked into his school and opened fire. Two middle school students were badly wounded one of them an eleven year old boy shot in the face and still in critical condition. -- few answers for why this happened but just released. 911 calls may help explain what happened in that school yesterday -- deceased -- Bradley has all the latest in joins us now with more to month. Cyber and a middle school was closed today but classes are expected to resume tomorrow. Going to be a difficult day because this community is still very much shocked and now. We have the 911 tapes. Another community rocked by a school tragedy is asking hard questions. 911 tapes capture the terrifying moments at this Roswell, New Mexico middle school. After a twelve year old students snuck into a crowded -- carrying a sawed off twenty gauge shotgun. And opened fire. Nine on Monday having my -- my -- Two students were wounded one and eleven year old boy who remains in critical condition. He was shot in the face and neck the other thirteen year old Kendall -- seen in this FaceBook photo was shot in the arm. The school staffer who rushed to help -- told 911 she feared there could be multiple shooters. And I -- in the country and can be quiet contentment that -- home. Because more light on an -- and actual she -- -- having problems -- Frightened kids contacted their parents who frantically dialed for help. I got a call from my daughter -- -- And -- extension currency system that the court didn't. Officials say this could've been much worse if not for brave social studies teacher who put himself in the line of fire and talked the young shooter down. The suspect was transfer to an Albuquerque psychiatric hospital. As police continue to search for clues in a -- time. That's -- 911 calls were certainly -- was there any information we didn't hear that investigators will be using. In their upcoming investigations are ongoing investigation. Well one thing that we know -- that the investigators are looking at is the possibility that this suspect may have warned some of the students. Using some kind of message on possibly FaceBook or Twitter or some other. Means of communication -- -- social media. So we're hoping to learn more about that when we hear more from the investigators at a news conference is expected to -- start shortly -- -- the suspect in this case very young just twelve years old police have not released his name because. Presumably he's a juvenile any word on his mental condition. Well they're looking into that they would like to know exactly what his motive was -- there were rumors. With the situation was happening late last night the perhaps he was targeting a particular student. Will have to find out where the investigation takes them they really have no idea. Way at this point what drove the student to do this -- -- they wanna find out was he possibly bullied. Was or someone who angered him that he was out to get. You know -- -- obviously it's this very serious situation you have a twelve year old who. Who gets his hands on a shotgun that's another thing they're pursuing -- -- a twelve year old able to get this kind of vote weapon to be steal it from his parents didn't find it from. Some friends and so all of this is information they're pursuing still very much an ongoing investigation. And obviously more questions than answers at this point it -- him -- Bradley thank you for joining us. And we -- still awaiting a news conference on the subject of the Roswell school shooting in New Mexico. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good afternoon. I just wanted to. Remind everyone how strong Roswell -- -- Throughout this tragedy. I met with teachers earlier today cabinet secretary. Tennis -- their and I have been here. Com since the day of the incidents. Had a lot of communication with. Parents teachers. People who -- in the gym. Yesterday they were over 15100 people. At the prayer vigil. An and I really do encourage. -- kids. And their parents. And their siblings. To reach out. And get. -- talking to other folks to counselors. We have counselors are available -- At -- turquoise health and wellness. And they have offices that are available all day tomorrow for people who want to talk. And they can be reached at 575623. 1480. And yes -- -- your individual. Listings that was most moving for me was a young man. He was. He was there at the shooting. -- he just in front of me and I started to talk to him he said he was there he was -- -- to the shooting. -- how -- you -- and he said. Okay. And most people will just walk away -- you here okay. Thank -- pushing and I said. That you know. What did we union -- Did you see what happened and he said yes. And -- how does that make you feel. And he says I'm trying to shut it down. I'm trying to push it down. Which means he doesn't want. To express. What he's feeling but it will come out at one point. And that's why I'm asking people to make sure to take advantage. The community as a whole. Other kids from other schools. Are afraid. If it happened here Roswell in one school can it happen here in Roswell in another school. So kids are afraid and I'm asking parents. That don't just ask are you okay. And get the response I'm okay. Keep talking sit down. How does this make you feel. What do you think even though you don't go to that school. How do you feel about that should we go talk to other kids. And and and noted that turquoise. Health and wellness and -- small group of kids -- and talk about what's going. In how we need to feel safe. On Roswell has done an amazing job in New Mexico -- -- this truly is New Mexico people pulling together yesterday 15100 votes. Praying for each other. Praying for those two children. There is not to a lot of an update on the two -- Kendall Sanders who was upgraded to stable. Last night and is still in recovery. -- she's expected to be there about a week or more. -- she's thirteen years old and she has suffered. Injuries to her right shoulder. The other child is twelve years of age the parents who asked that to be officially not to give his name. They have asked for privacy. The child is not. He is in worse condition. Than Kindle. And it is still listed in critical condition. He suffered injuries -- side of his face and his neck. And I continue to ask all new Mexicans. To please pray for this young man and for Kendall. We want to be able to sit welcome them home. We don't -- this to be. The extreme tragedy of losing either one of them. The family of the young boy has asked for their privacy. They don't want to be bothered right now they're very very focused. On making sure -- little -- is being taken care. -- -- -- has said this in a little bit will be talking about the investigation. Canada's secretary and I have been wins teachers. And other personnel in the school in the library earlier today we met with them because. They had -- here with expertise on how to deal with critical situations. How to talk to kids how to get them engaged. Because the children that returned to school tomorrow. We're not the children who arrived on Tuesday. They are different. And so how do they engage them as -- they get them back to being as normal as possible into their routines. And into their conversations. And and that this expert was helping. The trip you know -- beat -- you're the school. How do you deal with those types of situations when it may be a child just. Breaks down and and what do you do at that moment. -- -- -- introduced you superintendent Tom Burris. He Roswell. Public school district and ask him to come and address it. First I would like to think the governor and secretary -- -- The outpouring of support. From our community. From our state. From the public Education Department. There's been incredible. The outpouring of support and kind wishes from superintendents across -- state. Believe I've heard from every superintendent. I've heard from. -- room Colorado schools who were involved with things like this. Offering to come -- a group of kids here. In we will consider that. This is -- a very. Difficult situation. And we've been very very well supported. Our focus of course is our kids. Her focus is -- well being of the two there were injured. In the well being of the one. Who was the perpetrators. These are kids. That didn't stop being our kids because are injured or because they're in they're incarcerated. Our teachers tomorrow have a very very difficult. In stressful day coming. And they've all worked very hard today. To prepare for tomorrow. As the governor said Tuesday when those kids came to school these. Teachers were different. And they will be tomorrow. Tomorrow they will all be counselors. -- Staff member. Is in there working. To prepare. Kids for tomorrow. We our hearts go out toward -- in -- Can we wished him speedy recovery we wish -- back at school. I am. I am a parent. Of two little girls in school district's elementary age. They -- to school yesterday. They went to school today. Their mother is an employee of the school district she's a counselor. She was here today with the group to. Work with kids tomorrow. I have confidence in Roswell independent school district. -- the confidence that we're safe. The confidence that we have the best teachers. In the state. Who would do the best job with her kids. -- tomorrow. I told the teachers it's -- face. Encourage. -- -- face we'll. In the face of positive. Did you have to put on for every one of our kids. You're the leader of the class. You're the leader. It is going to -- these kids. Back were they being. In the last two years. I appreciate. All. The consideration of the media. There are a lot of things -- school. That I can't talk you know -- didn't. Very well respected within it and just know that. My position as a superintendent. A position is a teacher and principal and a dad. It is these kids -- number one and appreciate what you do think. Good afternoon I'll provide you with you an update as far as our investigation. I know there's been some discussion about the suspects -- and his name and why haven't been able to disclose that. It's because I'm down as a law enforcement agency by. We'll. Criminal code. Children's code as to what I can say -- confirm at this point in time. Com again I want to reiterate -- we believe we have the sole individual in custody as responsible for this for this event. The situation. We're still working with the district attorney's office on the actual charging. And how that will not will roll out -- I don't have any definitive information for you on that. Com. To confirm we did we worked through the night to ensure that we would finish serving their executing the three search warrants. So we could return to school back to the the gymnasium and back to the the school. We. We went in executed those so warrants on the suspects locker. On a I'll categorize it as a duffel -- I believe it was categorized as an instrument case that's not correct it's a duffel bag. And -- Also the residents on sycamore street in Roswell. Due -- fact that the war ranks are sealed. I cannot disclose exactly what we found -- this time. However I can tell you we did find evidence that -- suspect had planned this advanced. I can't discuss particulars as to why but. We've we've definitely discovered that through the the war process. To speak to the weapon that was used again I'll reconfirm that it's a twenty gauge pump shotgun. The handle or stock was -- off making it more of a pistol grip type weapon. It had three rounds of ammunition in that weapon. What I would categorize as bird shot. -- -- all three rounds were expanded during the incident. Who believe. From our criminalistics one round went into the ceiling area. And not any particular order second round was shot onto the floor -- today -- the gymnasium. And this third round was named in to the stands. At the students. We believe that the distance. That weapon now when fired at the two. Young individuals that we're we're struck it was about twelve to fifteen feet in distance. Our investigation. Is it is somewhat wrapping up what we've done and over sixty what we would categorize his primary. Interviews. Our efforts will continue. Two continue to reach out to to anybody else that done. -- -- -- witness to this and and and saw exactly what happened and what was pertinent to. The investigation. I want to stress that I believe this is an isolated incident I'm very pleased. Throughout really. Yesterday today how with the school officials and local officials have interacted with the state police -- -- to do our jobs and get this process it's depleted as we can. -- all I have for now on the investigative. Part. There are. There. Know. -- -- -- like antibiotics that exact it was down on the particular search warrants but I'm I'm of the believed that there are no other firearms that were involved. It he's an Albuquerque. And -- location there. Other students. Posted. Where suggest. You know we have some indication that we're still going through the social media as -- talked about what we believe there -- some preliminary warnings as he arrived at school working through those with those interviews. It's. On line we believe that they were in person to some select students that he ran into before he entered that gymnasium. Morning the morning -- yes. Can't disclose exactly how we know that I can just tell you that we found evidence to believe that it was -- It was it was thought out plan to -- two. You know it felt. -- I can probably speak to the fact that. I believe. When the incident occurred. It was a random victims -- random. You know -- -- that's a great question it's a very complex case as you all know. The district attorney can speak to that a little better -- at least she's here now she's working through the process my investigators. But it it I don't believe it's anything other than it is a very complex case and we need to mixture. Get a right. I believe look at where the weapons being found that -- -- became -- deliberate even in the face to face charges. That's a district attorney questioned -- I don't know that we -- Where. The gun came from the residents. Of the suspect. That experience and -- I would say so yes. We still have not put down those statements were still working on -- -- but we're well over sixty and have the exact number but what I believe that where we're at sixty. We're -- primary witnesses. -- -- we believe the suspect modified the weapon like cutting off the stock. -- It's pretty pretty complex. I would say system. We're navigating through -- want the particulars I say that it be best to talk to the district attorney. And and my investigators -- the working through the complexities of that but it's definitely the age puts a different spin on it from from the adult offender. -- -- -- Would be it inadvertent or with the -- -- him. I don't know them. Key -- there -- evidence that he planned us. That and plastic -- was the target -- what's it. Students in general what -- it sounds -- you don't think it was a particularly Steve can you comment on that at all. Do not right now. Because -- haven't. I -- I figured -- -- my investigators -- -- to work to the evidence he found. And I don't want to give -- misleading information sent to hold off on commenting further on the evening news. -- There's no indication that he had any ammunition other than what was loaded in that lasted three rounds. I don't know much about that myself I can't comment on the right now -- -- That's all. Will begin not a lawyer you have to go to the district attorney should. We -- not only see I think return that nation and everything. 800 -- -- anyway I don't you can't -- But it everybody else knows it does not hinder him. It doesn't hinder our investigation anyway and are his parents -- You know I -- I don't know -- to spoke to -- -- -- -- investigators have -- contact with them but I'm I'm I would -- yes I believe so. You know it's. Yes. I don't they know they do. -- -- I have not heard. -- that recording I'm sorry I can't speak to them. A response from the teachers. Via the teachers were incredible we've done the critical incident training here we've done it at all schools. -- in this incident happened. There was a lockdown procedure initiated. Kids went to their classrooms. Teachers who were. Directly affected with the with the situation. -- -- -- -- -- In working with students both the injured in the kids who were in the gym to gym was full. It was a lot of kids. And days they did to procedures that they were told to do they took the kids to the classroom lock the doors. Remained in the classrooms quiet until they were called out by authorities. Taking -- -- -- everything worked. Exactly like clockwork like. Like we had planned it to work but never wanted. To be -- war. We we we've been training here I believe before I came to the superintendent -- here. The last year we had intensive training through this year from the PD. And every one of the schools receive training and teacher received training. So does that. That's just inevitable justice. QB at this time folks -- -- over the questions thank you for being there. We're gonna be moving on we provide as much -- -- that we can at this moment. As as time goes on him and has in death investigation doesn't want and more information that is -- into this. Becomes available we will Christiane thank you. But for now -- -- Hernandez in new York and you've been watching an ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21548822,"title":"NM Governor Asks for Prayers, Privacy for Roswell Shooting Victims","duration":"3:00","description":"Gov. Susana Martinez discusses the conditions of the two students shot inside their middle school.","url":"/US/video/nm-governor-asks-prayers-privacy-roswell-shooting-victims-21548822","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}