Nor'easter Triggers New Jersey Evacuation Orders

Superstorm Sandy-battered residents of Keansburg are reluctant to leave, despite warnings.
3:00 | 11/07/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Nor'easter Triggers New Jersey Evacuation Orders
Conditions are just getting worse not -- -- officials are telling people it is best to leave it is best to follow those evacuations but some people. Just can't get through this again. You know -- connect. We're gonna don't. Apes and and -- -- and abandoned cows are out in the street one any other. That's all we got that's -- we got him frustration exhaustion and another storm pushing families out of low lying areas of -- -- again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and we're not but we would stay right through CNB. We -- bright green. I'm not afraid as devastated as some communities here are where most homes along the. They are deemed unsafe no electricity and some say even as a nor'easter comes they have to stay the shelters miles away not an option for their families. We are used and -- -- and the -- the daddy. It's very periodically teed up the house my sister -- -- -- have year old autistic son. And not good. The mayor here says it may be difficult to tell how many -- making it harms way if this storm gets critical. Some -- -- residents have returned to their homes that have been affected by sandy so. Back could be a good thing for -- and again could be bad things we don't know if they are there are not there. Many of these people are going through there eleven today without like. Electricity. Without heat and they want to be home they are praying that this storm quickly passes so that utility crews can come -- and restore electricity for them. -- -- we're live in teens about Tony it's channel seven.

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{"id":17667253,"title":"Nor'easter Triggers New Jersey Evacuation Orders","duration":"3:00","description":"Superstorm Sandy-battered residents of Keansburg are reluctant to leave, despite warnings.","url":"/US/video/noreaster-triggers-new-jersey-coast-evacuation-orders-17667253","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}