North Carolina resident describes tree falling onto house

A tree fell on the home of New Bern, North Carolina, resident Ben Selby.
4:23 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for North Carolina resident describes tree falling onto house
We wanted to see so we want to talk now to Ben sell the I believe he's a resident of New Bern, North Carolina that is borne the brunt of so much of this storm the impact really felt there we talked earlier to officials who sent the water rose to as high as twelve feet in some areas and we saw cars submerged in the area band are you with me. I am I air at first of all how are you doing. I'm doing well considering everything I'm I'm I'm pretty resilient. Yeah IA it sounds like it and I know our producers but talking to you really remarkable story I understand it three. May have fallen on to your home. Yes yesterday after sundown power went out ten and it was going to be a long night saw settled in with my tablet ahead of them but some books downloaded to the device. And I got comfortable and it crashed him master bedroom just did miss me. In this has got a pretty big chunk of of the ceiling in the air aircraft I gathered my oh my wits. This started looking around that. You went in the master bedroom guest bedroom my son's bedroom. Into the foyer and into my being and so had six public six new rusty and skylights. They expect lower floors for me at with a skylight. Yes Florence definitely getting some unnecessary redecorating married your house. We are really thankful that you are with us and and thankful that you're okay did you it you said you haven't a child did with your family home with you at the time that's happened. Now I'm a little guy I was with his mom down in and not telco out of condemned Savannah so they were there were safe and my intention was to keep my chainsaw dry mop you'll trying get help other people. But this thing was just really shellacked us pretty pretty big time. Yet and then bring in our meteorologists and Bennett stamp the homeless for a second Amy freeze. Any we're seeing this tree into a house is this something pre. Par for the course we talk about hurricanes this is a massive tree that's come down so I took some really intense winds to bring that down and not look like pretty old tree to. Then spend their along times heavily wooded area that this is the type of force. That an eighty mile an hour winds could do so. No surprise that we're seeing damage like this unfortunately though where the tree falls a sometimes. The lucky miss where an unlucky misfortune. Of course Ben had to deal with that but that's going to be quite. Dusting to the properties I'm sorry to hear that that happened to you but this is probably. Trees down all around your neighborhood. Yet Ben and he described and you had a chance to a kind of escape your home and see what's going on in your neighborhood anyway what other net residents in the area are dealing with imagining down power lines and allied and it's. Though both of the weather is still pretty it is raining sideways deal so. This kind of tough out there my neighbors lot of trees down. Power outages all over the tail I was gonna. Make quite a popular you know property manager and they suggest that could structurally the house looked at. Some may violate dale Taylor looked derailed no lights anywhere. And didn't went too sure couldn't download too much stuff among foreign. It's I didn't know exactly where us when the government unfortunately I'm in the was safe places dry. In I'm in good shape but I work. Hurricane Floyd nine Ottawa's of the drug treatments that are working as a counselor and we got flooded out so what corporate FEMA. Briefly. In addition people seem to understand we just closed our last case with a group last week and it was seven years prior so a lot of people. Our experience and the very. Trying to end of a long process of rebuilding getting a lot back together. He had actually paid then I have to ask you what would your mindset before this storm you've been through storms he said you even worked with FEMA. Briefly what would your mind tech and staying play. Ma it was too to help out afterwards that was built the whole thing it was just to lend a hand because I know that it was going to be pretty tough. I think it to treat had done its number on the health then I would be buried there wouldn't be having this conversation. But that was my my intention was to help other people. Now it will band we are glad you are okay especially seeing these remarkable harrowing images coming. For view directly from you and that tree street and here master bedroom as he mentioned and stay safe out there and stay dry keep us updated okay. They preterm good luck everyone thank you.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"A tree fell on the home of New Bern, North Carolina, resident Ben Selby. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57830139","title":"North Carolina resident describes tree falling onto house","url":"/US/video/north-carolina-resident-describes-tree-falling-house-57830139"}