Northeast Prepares for Winter Blast

Storm system could cause dangerous travel conditions, delays and power outages.
3:00 | 12/09/13

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Transcript for Northeast Prepares for Winter Blast
This is a special -- I'm -- company or what is ABC news digital special report -- has arrived in the northeast snow and ice storms have. Swept in from the midwest bringing travel delays screen dangerous roads and power outages all of the region. Until it was dramatic rescue video from willow springs Illinois deer trapped in an icy river to divers. Put their own lives on the line managing to drag that -- Up to dry land so with more on the look -- the entire region anybody BC's lot of sack. Winter is still two weeks the -- but in Plano Texas ice was flying through the hearing giant sheet. Even crossing this car below. Football fans in Philly in -- more snow this week since. -- all winter last year. And for drivers from Arizona to the midwest this dangerous mix of snow and ice traps tens of thousands. Including one truck driver stuck for 26. Hours with his wife and daughter. I have not moved one foot from exit creating an eleven hour have you ever -- -- -- just. At a complete stand still. At a standstill parts of Texas usually so warm many stores don't even -- snow shovels. The Department of Transportation forced to take extreme measures at times actually leaving our vehicles and shoveling sand and salt. By hand to get those vehicles are stuck eighteen wheelers moving and flying is no better. More than 15100 flights already canceled today and that -- the 2800 flights canceled on Sunday. He find passengers -- airports sleeping on the -- uncertain when they will ever -- now -- I don't -- When I'm down at least he and I don't know what I'm gonna do this recently. That you would mean and as -- you know about him. -- Jackie BC news New York. Not funds -- for more on what it expects let's go back -- letters Margie Martinez with the latest. And the forecast -- where is this storm right now. Well -- right now this storm is actually moving into southeastern Canada but -- trailing a cold front across the eastern United States. We have had and more than 1000 cancellations of -- schools have been canceled a -- packing rain how much of that that the bulk of the heaviest rain. Has now moved -- into the Atlantic we're still gonna see anywhere between one and three inches of snow later today in Maine -- northern New England this now will continue through the afternoon hours -- -- started looking a little nicer along the I 95 corridor. Unfortunately that won't last long there is another disturbance on the way this one is a right now in the south central just up producing a couple of flurries around the Texas Panhandle. The Oklahoma. This storm moves in quickly aware -- this cold front the cold front they have right now in the eastern United States -- up in the mid Atlantic. That will determine where we have our heaviest snow this storm she's gonna move along that front producing some disruptive snow ride around Washington DC Philadelphia New York City. The heaviest snow will be south -- -- stand. But we are expecting three to six inches of snow now the snow will and around the afternoon hours but. The morning is just going to be very -- for travelers and northeast especially along the I 95 corridor. But the what system right now that's causing problems that was from. You asked that brought the hard freeze the cold weather really ushered in a blast of Arctic air -- now that says -- Is moving toward Atlantic Canada but it's trailing this cold front. Along the eastern United States and that's what we're dealing -- -- -- now we had the other storm to look forward to -- -- now. -- exit exam -- -- look forward to with preparation obviously means first and foremost. But as they are actually is as far as with the Great Lakes and other north he's obviously in in New England preparing for this is -- -- -- the first big major storm of the season. While Philadelphia did get quite a bit of snow on Sunday they experienced more than eight inches of snow that broke -- their -- their -- for the day was 3.5 inches south. I Wednesday the first significant snow for a van that it is -- -- be the first significant -- for some area -- New York City. And going to need blanketed with a couple of inches of snow as well as Washington DC so they're getting another round of this winter like weather and despite the fact that it's not quite winner react. Yet -- -- -- the snow is fun and obviously kids like negative negative day office global that's not a bad thing either but it's not just the snow -- the ice that's -- because some problems right. Absolutely -- -- DL it's now we can shut off the roadways ice is so danger rest. Causes many accidents around this time of year. And end this got a big first major burst of whether I mean. What are we going to be looking forward then -- that system this new when necessary to develop how long do we expect that went to kind of hang in one particular area. Well it's gonna move along pretty quickly about -- hours tomorrow in the morning. For the morning commute you can -- -- to just be very -- to give yourself -- time if your -- if you live in the area at -- later this week -- high pressure is gonna -- and I -- is going to start to dry -- but -- is going to be very cold it's ushering in our next blast of Arctic -- you can see -- lingering right there. More than northeast later this week and there is a bit of moisture developing in the south central back can be dangerous because as it moves Dan and that means we can see a little bit more -- -- -- -- All right and so we've been for -- -- -- people may be putting long underwear on those holiday gift list maybe given the develop exactly exactly all right Martin Martinez from -- -- thank you so much so obviously. The deep freeze coming north east there -- thousands stranded at airports dangerous road conditions causing. Accidents winter unfortunately. Is indeed here with all the latest stay right here on For non Dan Cutler New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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{"id":21150683,"title":"Northeast Prepares for Winter Blast","duration":"3:00","description":"Storm system could cause dangerous travel conditions, delays and power outages.","url":"/US/video/northeast-prepares-winter-blast-21150683","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}