NY Serial Killer Hunted by FBI

Police say separate deaths of three Middle Eastern shopkeepers are linked to the same gun.
1:14 | 11/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NY Serial Killer Hunted by FBI
FBI now involved in the search for a serial killers targeting Middle Eastern shopkeepers in Brooklyn in all three men have been killed and investigators say their deaths are linked. We get the latest -- Eyewitness News reporter Lisa -- aggressive Lisa good morning. Morning can all three murders are linked to the same gun the most recent incident in Flatbush the others in Bensonhurst and bay ridge now. This man was caught by surveillance cameras near the flat -- door police are calling him. John -- duffel bag he was outside she she -- about an hour before the store's owner. Robert Tola the heat -- -- was killed it was the third of three murders with the same gun telling each case. The victim was a Middle Eastern man over the age of fifty in a store without security cameras now the first victim's son has since installed security and -- -- store. And earning a -- identical period the my father's life was in. Was -- like a normal she was taken away from me. This is very. Are there other connections between the killings all the stores have addresses with the number eight. And in each case to suspect attempted to cover up the victim's body the FBI now working on putting their profile of this possible serial killer.

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{"id":17767269,"title":"NY Serial Killer Hunted by FBI","duration":"1:14","description":"Police say separate deaths of three Middle Eastern shopkeepers are linked to the same gun.","url":"/US/video/ny-serial-killer-hunted-fbi-17767269","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}