NYC celebrates International Women's Day

ABC News' Charli James reporting from Central Park at the Day Without a Woman rally in Central Park.
14:32 | 03/08/17

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Transcript for NYC celebrates International Women's Day
You're watching ABC news did I'm happy and international women's day world. I commemorates. The women's rights. Then across the globe it's all being used today in the united. Aids or women. Right the organization. That also set up the women's march on Washington and inauguration. Also sat up. A day without a woman's right. People are being asked not to go to work that they can not house where we are rented a rent. And yeah. Now I don't. Look at the rally thanks at a hearing and aren't any right. From park brought only two blocks away from trump tower where president from I had. His campaign headquarters where he also stunts as residents and normal lining up livers lady ad airing his son still aren't living. And that this is not an accident was looking Easton today eat our. People here. Aren't listening to the program and then we're told that they are going to actually marched as well out in the ninth street let's talk but he did the attendees here. Yeah Aaron. A little bit of this evening. But signs and the speakers here has mountain. And like he'd seen here is setting up is bicycle racks this is standard for these types of events in are moving them back to make more room for people that they don't have to be. In. Street. Let's see if we can grab. And yeah. It is. Can't got a couple the attendees here at this rally this is Nina and certainly that's I'm can you latest just tell us light in down here. So we're collectors and we in solidarity equity. Where today we were red and decided that it would be nice if just. The current but he didn't go to work today we weren't today is convenient because we work so close to attempt out and there's an elite and bonds and tax currently. That you're wearing. Read your reign red lips and and I'm. Lot of things that this group asks him. People to do and solidarity. Are women I feel like there's a little but a push back from. Some groups about the strike to say not every woman has the ability to take off work. I mean you guys kind of took a little rating. Being here but what about I think Clinton having a really good plain about this. In May speeds when Stevenson meant them struggle aircraft has never alias. Reynolds isn't that how science and people I disagree isn't Mike. And I'll currency if you're able to take it now where it's not you know just like selling your story anyway and I think anybody will obviously. I think it's of chlorine heavy whichever way it. Support and solidarity is always help with any. And I think you know it like she said it's not always been to Cuba it's not that necessarily criticize. People doing small anchorman hoping that we'll take a greater gave them. And so did either you participate and is that any of them marches that occurred as well at the same Guerrero. Yes I know a Juliet did I needed Denny's the national Lawson today you and hearing and I paying. And him. Let's. I'll bet as that and might he demons and bicycle act back but thank you lady is as far as hard talking they Nina and we hear that the marches going to be happening in the little bits and never beaten and how. That just a couple of Karabakh problem are people that talks if you can you are influenced and Alan I'll bet here that might immediately that is. Moving the bicycle racks back element on the sidewalk. To nature that people are not in the streets. Those got a couple want people it's not seen here. You can see people also are now flying out onto the Plaza Hotel out across the street there you know to get it you know. Okay. And eat. It's. Yeah they did that way. I'm not. Yeah. Yeah. Have a couple of other women here we are speaking as well Huntley and grads and parents. It and how that's. Why you came down here today I zero. Gotten out how to beat. Not this is part of me. March today which. That women have economic power and that's an hour that we're gonna need flack saying and in the future. The margins also about reminding people that we're gonna be fighting for reproductive rights group Planned Parenthood. And I felt it was important to bring the kids do you. To. So that there are no where and then equality and and women's rights are human right and so. We came down to support and as well in. And so one of the. Wednesday. It was either not Anchorage. It says are going to make urgent than it used so from eight. And you have been making it effort to do just that you have not at any loud. And yeah. But what. That air. Guitar he's grappling can't aren't packed equipment back. My name's apparently you've got what you eat at and T have time are what makes. Yeah. I think you get. This line and sell ice to block I did not that it doesn't want and Aaron Curry the honor and she's that he asked. Her bangs and mom yes it's really been under Alan steel has though. This morning act of buying an occupational parent says. Answer my hands and I found element therapist and so it's and nominees in untainted AM. Land around the buttons as well as this and are. Well I think. And that means we're passed out and I am convinced as you know and it. I think is a big part of resistance. Using your wallet and you know women and especially you know today if we all who took a step back and showed the world you know that when it wouldn't you like it we all. Accurately. And shop which I'm the only women owned business community impact at women and how can on alert else sounds so yeah its current reimbursement and waited. About this and just some women's groups are women saying you know I can't afford to take off work. You know the strike it's a great idea but it doesn't have apparently it light and everyone lines and what do you think about. I. That's that's really important point and I think and I think there were a lot of ways you can participate today I mean I think. You know this part to specifically at lunchtime I think you're going to do our part we're able to come down and rally. You know. Not shopping today is another way that when it helped just wearing red solidarity and now it's another thing to do so. Obviously you know it's hard for most women to not work and acting in an allotment. You know I think that they try to do the organizers tried to have as many ways that people can participate as possible. I get Holler nothing. Now but there were multiple ways that bad before aren't that the group has outlined where women to participate today it wearing red. Again easing the economic power and if you're eight dogs not go to work to show. I'm happy workforce that women make up in America as well thank you sometimes aren't talking an ABC news and it. I understand but I can they aren't I. Can't tell you guys act. No thanks again and get back into the rally. Didn't know it worries me out. I. He. Didn't. Think the BBC. And. It's so we are told one of the organizers that once the program is feeding program is over our. That's. Everyone is going to be moving and marching so we're gonna stay up and show you some of that as well. A man. This again at just nine is 88 without plumbing gathering organized by the same group that sat. We're seeing. About a thousand. People don't it here honest I'd lock me. In front of the plug college well history. Oh. This day without a woman's right organize. Need group. Women's march on Washington and out like you lay women to participate today. And men and solidarity if they wanted to Wear red his well. We're seeing a lot of red that explains the color here. But one just wearing rat that you can and using. Women's purchasing power to not make it just isn't for me if you do I think. To do so from eight email own business. Or taking on work at peak. And stop the clock a couple of people Eric cup winner air took lunch break they didn't take. Take a whole day off but they were able to take their lunch break and be down here at this rally. Okay. Yeah. We're hearing. I. I actually got some guys here as well I know this isn't a bad call that day without a woman but there aren't and here as well and solitary some wearing Brad as well. I'm can it get your name. Alex. In Brendan and let live here any exiting. And did you take off court here to be. To be here today is this your lunch break why was it Martin freedom. My coworkers. My female co workers said there are coming. I felt it was important to join them in solidarity announces my boss and he said it was a hit yeah. Or I. Yet our Marla assuming it was things that are female co workers were governor's office very few women. Paid you know I was burned and organizing. Ridiculous that we have to be. This historic listen Tony sentiment that's been historic patriotism and that's it. You have female on employees take off today encourages people to ever let him down here on islands and they can end here it's an ordinance. Great disappointment that via via an. There were our offices supportive of this so you know when we decided to come you know it wasn't immediately we could bear before here. So we just came out to support its the route. Oh it. International women's day is usually not to two controversial thing. It happens every hour but I'm here in the United States and equipment dealer that in some countries. But. Are you surprised. That you're seeing this this year and this kind of this is one of the many events across the country and even in New York City today are you guys just isn't and let the prize that. Up. Up right thing. Really after the things that you know the president and other members of the white house of static. X it's surprising and a really positive way to see. Like such feedback such. Yeah uprising. Even noticed when he seventeen like outside it is a shame that we sought to protest the same things that is great to see that. People are willing to do it. Thank you so much I appreciate it and again I said they sent before expecting marks out. Of habit and thank you. It happens soon and so we are not standing and I until eight program. Part is over. And as a before we are just a couple of blocks away from trump tower like some speakers have reference. President trump and act that we are so close to his apartment residents. That we will continue to showing element of the medium term. And one of the things aren't. Hello I'm McNabb Martin's.

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