NYC Cop, Shot in Chest, Goes After Suspects

Off-duty officer Ivan Marcano, with a bullet lodged in his chest, fatally shot a suspected thief.
3:00 | 10/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYC Cop, Shot in Chest, Goes After Suspects
Is grave H 47 year old NYPD transit officer is here at Bronx Lebanon hospital. In stable condition he was shot in the chest but that didn't stop him from going after the suspects shooting and killing one of them. The NYPD still hunting this morning for two men who escaped after shooting a police officer in the Bronx. The search has been intense with scores of officers dogs helicopters and -- -- here searching in the dark for the wanted men. It started on -- -- avenue at 630 last night went off duty officer Ivan mark -- -- -- man being robbed by three others. McConnell got out of his car -- gun drawn. And that's when one of the suspects shot -- in the chest and then took off in a white mustang but didn't get far. The wounded officer's girlfriend was driving him to the hospital when he spotted the thieves about a block away. The suspects' getaway car crashed setting off a second gun fight. Also are cut -- fired one handed as he used his other hand. To continue to apply pressure to his wound. The first floor fight shots and ended. And enough that what mean again I can allow another that he'll put -- With a bullet still lodged in his chest officer -- moved from position to position. Firing at the suspects. A remarkable display -- -- -- and cool on the fire. Also Laura Carroll fired the striking one of the suspects and had. He died on the sidewalk next to the most time. The other two gunmen left a semi automatic in their car and fled in opposite directions. -- followed one and stumbled onto an ambulance that rushed him to Bronx Lebanon hospital. God was worth officer McConnell but he showed once again. The people that work in the NY PDR. -- protect us they put their lives on the line. The amazing officer Mercado is expected to make up. Full recovery and we've just learned detectives -- have been questioning several people -- the 46 precinct but so far no charges have been filed.

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{"id":17561016,"title":"NYC Cop, Shot in Chest, Goes After Suspects","duration":"3:00","description":"Off-duty officer Ivan Marcano, with a bullet lodged in his chest, fatally shot a suspected thief.","url":"/US/video/nyc-cop-shot-in-chest-chases-suspects-17561016","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}