NYC Firebombing Suspect Arrested

Police investigate five attacks, including one on an Islamic center in Queens.
2:33 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for NYC Firebombing Suspect Arrested
Police are questioning a person of interest in their investigation. Into some Molotov cocktail attacks are happening queens and -- -- five and all homes -- but they got. And an Islamic cultural center were among the buildings that were targeted the suspect was seen on surveillance video tossing a flaming bottle during one of the -- Eyewitness News reporter -- Gonzales -- With what we know about the person being questioned right now -- what he -- -- we know he's from this area and we know that he was found because of his Virginia license plate that was spotted. On surveillance video -- several. City leaders spoke -- just a few moments ago was saying that no charges have been filed and they still don't know the motive behind these attacks that have so disturbed this community. A visit from mayor. Bloomberg on what began as a quiet morning at -- -- mom helpfully Islamic center. The burn mark on the outside of the building from a Molotov cocktail thrown here Sunday night marking the wound up for members of this prominent Shiite Muslim institution. Is still healing. It's looks it is some time -- -- sim time we are proud to have so many people who support us. Support shown in the 500 person strong candlelight vigil held outside of the building in Jamaica queens last night. And by a visit today from the mayor along with police commissioner Ray Kelly and several religious leaders. Whether it was senseless violence or are. A hate crime. Will be determined down the road. But in either case we just not going to tolerate it in this city. A showing the unity after the series a firebomb attacks that also targeted a nearby bodega and two homes including that of the Hindu priest. We lived in the constantly. We have freedom of religion we have free to speech and we have everything free here saw. I don't or even -- reason why they -- I mean they or he attack. This places. The uncertainty of -- but a bit of clarity on who is responsible. Police releasing this sketch of the suspect a man they say is 25 to thirty years old. About five feet eight inches tall and about 200 pounds eyewitnesses saw him lead this fire -- scene in a light colored four door sedan. And we hope hopefully soon. Those people who have been to the justice. And police are not saying that that is definitely the same person they are questioning but they are saying that there is just one person responsible for all four attacks here in Queens as well as a fifth attack in Belmont in Nassau County for now we're live in Jamaica queens -- Gonzales channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":15280477,"title":"NYC Firebombing Suspect Arrested","duration":"2:33","description":"Police investigate five attacks, including one on an Islamic center in Queens.","url":"/US/video/nyc-firebombing-suspect-arrested-15280477","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}