NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announces increased production of coronavirus test kits

At least 50,000 test kits per week will be available starting Monday April 20th, the mayor said.
3:00 | 04/14/20

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Transcript for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announces increased production of coronavirus test kits
Though number one issue from day one has been testing. When we started. Fighting the corona virus here in the city said we needed the federal help would testing it never came. We have scoured the world looking for. A test kits on the open market. It's been extraordinarily frustrating we've had so many good people searching everywhere just a by the test kits. To get a reliable supply it has not been possible. So. Over months now. The place we turn to for help Washington DC we never got the straight answer we never got a consistent approach. And we wondered when would the day come that we could actually get the test it's we need. So we can start on that road I talked about a few days go from this widespread transmission corona virus. Too low level transmission and eventually no transmission to get there you must have. Testing in large quantities. And we knew. That as recently as yesterday. We did not know when and where we would get those test it's now. We've had won breakthrough on the open market and then another breakthrough right here in New York City and I am so excited telling about this. Our friends from formal India and I talk about them a few days ago they donated. Tess gets Biotech firm they are donated to baskets to us. But now all they have confirmed they can produce them regularly. For New York City. So on top of their donation of 50000 kits which were so appreciative for. Aria a diagnostics Carmel Indiana. Is now going to be producing test kits for New York City. We will be purchasing them starting Monday April 20. Coming Monday. Will be purchasing 50000. Full test kits per week. From aria diagnostics. I'm sure New Yorkers wouldn't have thought that the cavalry would come from Carmel Indiana but it passed this is going to be a big. Piece of the solution going forward and get a whole lot more want to be clear cause to really get to that point where there's no more transmission we're gonna need a huge number of test. But even being able to know we can rely on 50000. A week. From supplier that we believe in. That's going to be a major major step forward for the city. I want to thank mayor Jim brainer. Of Carmel Indiana log on snow over last year's very well the US conference of mayors united on the leadership of that body and he has been extraordinary. Friend and ally and really stepped up for New York City some air breaded again thank you. Thank you to everyone carnal thank you to RE a diagnostics this is a big step. So that's 50000 per week. Only need a lot more. And remember. A task yet and I talked about this a few days ago I used the analogy of a cup of coffee with cream and sugar you need the coffee beans near the water you need the creamy need to sugar Unita coffee mug. Putting together the full test kitten takes three basic components the nasal swab. The liquid solution. That's what you keep the sample in has called the viral transport medium. And a tube with a screw top the keeps the sample secure. And sanitary. You need all three of those things. To perform. But tests for the corona virus. And that a course you have to get that test to a lab. The Dem processes. So we're talking right now about just collecting the test itself from an individual. Hold other part of the equation is continuing to increase the capacity in labs. To process these tests and give us that the answer purse my person positive or negative and gamble have to do that on a mass scale gone full. But to get these three parts together you can click to test of someone all that's you can't get to first base unless you have the actual test you can collect from people so. Needing those three pieces. Was crucial. Again. Our efforts to get them could Sicily from Washington DC no result. Our efforts get from the open market never could get a reliable partner in till today with aria diagnostics. So. As we went through these last days. And saw New York's accompanies stepping up our local government take your economic development corporation bringing together partners from the private sector. Figure out how we reduce surgical gowns figure we do face shields started to our other equipment that we need to build. And we'll have announcements on that to constantly figuring out new ways to support our hospitals and get them the supplies equipment they need more and more. What's happened is. The members of our team here see all economic development corporation and companies and even universities now. All talking about what can we produce here how we do it more more how can we do things have never been done in Europe city. Suggest a few days ago. People started saying wait a medley to make all these other things. Could we say no matter what's going on the international market no matter what's Carl wash him. Could we actually make the test kits here does nothing like New York City being made right now nothing even close but could we make them here. If we just threw in the kitchen sink and tried all their ingenuity exists in the city. At first of course. We didn't know what the answer would be we had to pull together a lot of Smart people to figure out could be done couldn't be done quickly enough could be done the quantities. That we needed. We thought about what New Yorkers are facing we thought about this crisis and what we have to get through. We set wealth people can make them around the world why not us why couldn't we may come even if we've never done it before. Companies all over the world. Could make some of these components why couldn't the most innovative city on her figure out away. So I'm here to announce to you that we have found a way. And starting in a few weeks we will be producing here in New York City. 50000. Test kits per week. With components put together right here with companies universities. New York City workers right here building a brand new supply chain to feed this industry that we'll now developing New York City. 50000. Tests per week to begin. If we can go farther we're going to build it up rapidly. It means commercial labs and academic institutions in this city work together to produce that liquid solution the right way. It means local manufacturers. And 3-D printers. Coming together to make the testing swabs. And the tubes. Something as simple as us testing swabs the entire international market. Has been struggling. Because a swabs been less and less available. Fact a lot of are made in places that we're deep in the middle of the Coca crisis themselves so the whole international supply was disrupted but now. Through ingenuity of New York City producers. Figured and a way to make them right here production will begin. In a few weeks beginning a may. 50000 week to begin adds that in the 50000 a week. From aria diagnostics. Will have a 100000 full test kits per week. Their New York's beacon rely on 400000. Per month. And that's just a beginning. So we will have to take that new capacity. Ensure that there are labs. That can handle all those tasks and get us results in real time. And remember. We're gonna need the personnel to administrative tasks will then need the PPEs to protect the personnel who administer the test their at all lot of pieces to this equation. And all the while. Continuing. As a city. To make the progress we're making through social distancing a shelter in place so even while we're building out. This brand new capacity as gonna help us to the next stage we will not let our foot off the gas. We will not relent in the successful strategies that are now open ended the war. To getting out of this horrible crisis.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"At least 50,000 test kits per week will be available starting Monday April 20th, the mayor said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70140833","title":"NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announces increased production of coronavirus test kits","url":"/US/video/nyc-mayor-bill-de-blasio-announces-increased-production-70140833"}