NYC Mayor: Officers' Deaths Are 'An Attack on All of Us'

Mayor Bill de Blasio comments on the deaths of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.
5:46 | 12/22/14

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Transcript for NYC Mayor: Officers' Deaths Are 'An Attack on All of Us'
I want to talk about this organization is on the people here but I have to first talk about what's. Going through our hearts right now we're all. Feeling. But now I still have more than two families today. Commissioner Bratton. Just came from. Visiting the family of officer from most of them apparently officer lose. And we. Began that journey Wear them. Few nights ago in a hospital when they experienced the worst. Possible moment in the Stanley could. Please no warning. Their loved one was gone there. Follow their husband their son their brother. Just. One moment and then there are wrong. And Chris O'Brien has gone on this mission many times a console families newer in my life I can tell you. One the most difficult. Elements of the jobs we do is to try and help these families. I have suffered so wrongly. Trying to help them. And that moment and let them know we will be with them at every moment thereafter something. This city the reason is something NYPD believes in. Now these families and our. Hands we will stand by them. There are suffering. Suffering an unspeakable pain right now. It's. Impressive when somehow people can put on a brave face. Let me conversations we had you can tell us a lot of fear. What the future will hold. And we let them know that we would be in there for them. People's lives are good people has room would be there for them. I would never forget that we would certainly never forget the sacrifice. Officer Ramos officer Lou who stood for all that is good in this society and we have to understand. If the act on them was an attack on all of us was attacked on our democracy it was an attack on our values were passed on every single New York. And we have to see it as a there's a lot of pain. It's so hard remaining sensitive. I want. I deeply troubled violent individual. Couldn't do this. Could these good families. And I think it's a time for everyone's. We'll take stock. There are things that unite us there are things that. We hope here together as New Yorkers as Americans. We all see. The world through the prism of our own families. It's time. For people who take stock of this moment our first obligation is to respect. These families and morning. First have a obligation is to stand by them in every way we can. And I call on everyone. To focus on these families in these next days which. So painfully are also a time that we. We usually think of us on the high points of the year a moment of celebration a moment of faith. Moment of goodness they're so deeply scarred by this tragedy. In these days we still have to find that goodness. But it's important. Regardless of people's viewpoints. And everyone recognizes it's time to step back and just focus on these families. Think it's time for. Ever want to put aside. Political debates. Put aside protests put aside. All of the things that we will talk about in due time. In the coming days. Two families prepare for funerals. To families try to think about how to piece their lives back together. That's to be our only concern how do we support them it's harassed any organization's network planning. Events of gatherings that are about politics and protests. That could be for another day. Let's accompany these families on their difficult journey let's see them through the funerals. Then. If they can begin again until that time. Is our obligation to respect them. And let's see this attack. Only on all of us as citizens it happen. Arnold all police and the family of the NYPD is feeling this deeply not just. Their comrades in arms of two officers in the fourth precinct went beyond every member NYPD. And retire number then went beyond feeling this so personally so deeply. Let's respect the family of them want UPS they go through their morning. And take a moment. When you see him police officer and thank them console them because it is personal. Take a moment. Who can solve imagined would one of the members of the families. I've officer Ramos and officer new.

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{"duration":"5:46","description":"Mayor Bill de Blasio comments on the deaths of Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27768330","title":"NYC Mayor: Officers' Deaths Are 'An Attack on All of Us'","url":"/US/video/nyc-mayor-comments-officers-deaths-27768330"}