NYC Strippers Accused of $200K Theft, Indictment Claims

Prosecutors say the women drugged their clients and racked up fraudulent charges on credit cards.
1:41 | 06/11/14

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Transcript for NYC Strippers Accused of $200K Theft, Indictment Claims
Outside the court complex here in lower Manhattan where for strippers and a club manager are expected to face a judge this afternoon -- prosecutors say these victims. We're so thoroughly drugs. They don't remember ever being in a club much less running up of 50000 dollar -- Prosecutors say the women are strippers that -- of the city's largest -- Charged with running an elaborate scheme to steal tens of thousands of dollars from wealthy man. By drugging them then forging their signatures. On credit card receipt. Investigators say it happened -- scores on the west side of Manhattan. And at the roadhouse in flushing queens. Where a club manager was also arrested. Prosecutors say what is especially disturbing is that the men were secretly given date rape drugs even animal tranquilizers. Sources confirmed that among the victims is 41 year old New Jersey cardiologist. -- -- -- on. Who insisted he had -- absolutely no memory of being scores despite the fact that he be seen -- on closed circuit cameras. And his signature was on the receipt. Investigators now believe he was -- -- -- -- -- The indictment says there were at least four victims that doctors and next card alone. It was 150000. Dollars through his attorney he called the arrest in essence of vindication. No comment from either of the two clubs a spokesperson for scores said the club was only just learning. Of this investigation. -- lower Manhattan and.

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{"id":24092584,"title":"NYC Strippers Accused of $200K Theft, Indictment Claims","duration":"1:41","description":"Prosecutors say the women drugged their clients and racked up fraudulent charges on credit cards.","url":"/US/video/nyc-strippers-accused-200k-theft-indictment-claims-24092584","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}