NYC's 1 World Trade Center Projected To Be Tallest Building in US

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats says WTC tops Chicago's Willis Tower upon completion.
12:01 | 11/12/13

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Transcript for NYC's 1 World Trade Center Projected To Be Tallest Building in US
This is a special room. Look what I'm -- -- -- -- -- -- ABC news digital special report it is New York or to Chicago. And the battle of the buildings there is a big debate. On whether New York's new World Trade Center is really taller than Chicago's Willis tower this a live look as you see -- from the tower. The Freedom Tower as it is also known as a symbolic 1776. Feet tall -- Is including the 408 foot spire and some architects of the -- shouldn't count as part of the building which would mean that the World Trade Center. Would be 83 feet shorter than Chicago's Willis tower so to settle that fight an expert committee of architects took the matter and their own hands. The height committee of the council on tall buildings and urban had -- habitat is about to announce the verdict. With the senate. The united states of America's tallest building and to. The announcement which I need to we will -- I I will make the announcement on them -- bulletin issued a press release. America's tallest building. When he completes next year will be -- the World Trade Center. -- to 39 years of holding the title of America's tallest building. She is and will be number two in the US. And we will distribute the press release and -- these ports and then we'll explain why the committee -- -- the decision. -- -- the announcement. Today is that the World Trade Center tower in New York has been ratified by the CTV right -- commits -- a -- a height of 17176. Feet. To the height to architectural -- I -- and you can see -- in this diet domino on the on the panel he. And let me explain that the grossest that led to the decision. The council told Billings and and advertise the official I'll -- heights and measuring tall buildings. And -- on Friday its -- committee. Next here in Chicago. It is said he agreed put 25 individuals. And senate representing approximately thirteen countries around the world. People from the architecture profession engineers construction professionals only developed as a tall buildings. And they met two spend an afternoon. Examining can and looking at the facts with respect -- one -- trade center. We received a presentation from the design team in New York including David Childs who is the design architect. -- -- World Trade Center. And also represents into the ports authority which is the -- developer behind the building. The issues. The issues that -- discussed on Friday would basically twofold the -- issue walls is the top most structure. On the what one -- trade center aspire. All right on to panic. And this is an important. -- that was an important aspect because. In our criteria aspires -- in the height of buildings and on 108 do not count. And the issue Wallace that earlier this year actually last year that -- the architectural clotting which was originally envisaged. To an end to -- but it's not -- no structure. Was removed from the design. And -- there was confusion. I think generally as to whether or not would be a aspire or an -- The the -- committee looked -- -- detail. Sunday he ruled. Virtually unanimously. They're not was indeed a spy. And not an on tonight. And the reason for this is a number of reasons -- the key word Padilla the key word is amendments. The decision that the and the decision. That until they do not count in the height of the building is because the dead and 108. I'm not permit it to the building design if we think about the CST they -- C is now here in Chicago. When the building was originally finished there -- -- want to and -- don't talk. The company than came on the building. And depending on the prevailing technology is beyond ten -- may -- -- -- -- and and indeed we salt that the young -- got about sixteen feet -- I think in the year 2000. So until they do not count in the height of of a tall building because -- -- functional technical equipment which is put on top. And the committee. -- point clear that that was not the case on -- World Trade Center this is a permanent feature. And we can we know that it's a permanent feature because of that the sacrosanct aspect of the 17176. Highlights. Into the woods. Crowning structure. Is never to be attitude never to be taken away and -- to -- It has been since it's a very symbolic height not only because of the 1776. But because the -- is marked. With the and -- being cooperation and all of a light house to -- beat -- within the crowning structure at the height. And this was quite influential on the committee it's not only the thought that -- 7076. And the top most structure would not be. And halted in any -- in the future but this was marked with a very important architectural element. But very important architectural and and and symbolic element which is the beacon which will shine out every night as well as the that the -- being. Bid that's despite it being with -- and you know all on special occasions and nighttime things like -- So that you can see on the left on -- 17170. Seat six height to architectural tall. Hey we see a close up view of the young to. -- -- -- Next next life. Here we see -- -- in the factory all of this. Beacon element which is on top of the -- idea. As we see India and on the right inside a close look at -- -- being assembled. And even though the -- was taken off the spy you can still see that it is an architectural element. Subjectively. You might not like it. But the council is not he to give a subjective opinion as to measure high and give an objective opinion on the -- -- thoughts via. And -- and this was an architectural feature it is not just a plain steel -- -- from which to. Kind on ten -- and satellite delicious. Then we see this -- -- up in the evening. Now the other issue that -- two issues but the warm oil -- -- to the first issue was. And was -- -- on top the other issue was the place at the building. Because the CT -- tight criteria the base of the building states. That that the height of the building is measured from the lowest level open. Significance. Pedestrian entrance. And there was some confusion with the -- World Trade Center because. That three entrances on the north east and west side. All the same level. Accessed off the memorial plaza. I'm not where the 17176. -- with measured from. But there is a low and streets would you concede to the -- off vesey street. Which is five feet and eight inches -- than the main entrance. And there was debate as to whether. That should indeed be at five. I -- to the heights and on the committee and discuss this sunlight and decided that according to the secret tight criteria. But entrants. It's not classed as significant and the reason is because the whole for the you see the whole of the flaw is that -- level. And I believe it's projected that something like 99%. Of people will be entering the building via those three entrances off the memorial plaza. Not from vesey street which you can see you come through -- and then go gulp a series of steps. To access the multi -- So there you see an image all of and -- the main entry. From memorial plaza. So I know many of you here today because we're in Chicago interested in how this impacts the -- -- -- -- solid. And this is a diagram. All of the projected to always ten buildings in the world. Now that's -- very very important thing to point out -- wall and World Trade Center is not. The tallest building in the US and will not be until it is complete it. Another aspect of our criteria is the building has to be complete and occupied before it is -- -- -- building. So we are not saying today. That -- -- trade -- the tallest building in the US we are saying we are projecting it to be the tallest building in the US when it completes -- -- which is projected for early next year. What you see in this diagram here is the tallest buildings in the world -- As we anticipates it when -- will trade center is complete. And you'll see that won't World Trade Center minutes into the number three position and -- -- monopolist. The tallest building in the world is politically -- complete and occupied its number two is Mecca clock tower. The Saudi Arabia complete an occupied number three will be -- -- trade center. You'll see that's -- -- I want. Is in in the tenth position in terms of its relative weighting in the world. And if you look at that diagram you'll see that the reason that the the top most structure on the Willis tower. Does not count in the high is because those are considered until and they are not -- -- Who has an image of the Willis tower and you can see those on today and you can see the -- of the -- sour. And. And so we see you right there -- New York will be able to have bragging rights once one World Trade Center is completed that is projected. For early next year. But as being classified once that construction is complete as being the tallest building in the United States will be the third tallest in the world as we've just heard there. Going up against the Sears what was the known as the Sears Tower now of course the Willis tower in Chicago there. Bragging rights and obviously world prominence on stage right there and again that is once World Trade Center. Is completed as scheduled for next year it will be classified as the tallest building in the United States the third tallest building. In the world. We have a complete report right here on ABC news conference on -- burning -- the CBC -- digital special report.

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{"id":20863150,"title":"NYC's 1 World Trade Center Projected To Be Tallest Building in US","duration":"12:01","description":"The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats says WTC tops Chicago's Willis Tower upon completion.","url":"/US/video/nycs-world-trade-center-projected-tallest-building-us-20863150","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}