NYPD Cop Charged With Gang Assault in SUV Attack

Undercover narcotics officer, Wojciech Braszczok, 32, was charged in connection with the attack.
3:45 | 10/09/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for NYPD Cop Charged With Gang Assault in SUV Attack
The latest on that Michael mob that gang assault -- a family and their SUV late this afternoon another arrest this man surrendering to police all this comes as New York cop -- one Koppel is taken into custody. Today in appeared in court facing some serious charges including first degree assault and gang assault moments ago his attorney speaking out. And blasting the NYPD. For all what has happened tonight investor report show -- -- at the courthouse in lower Manhattan where a cop just appeared Sarah. And bill that cut did appear and then he left after posting bail he is a ten year veteran of father -- to heat is an undercover cop in the intelligence division. But that is probably not the only reason today that he hid his face. I huge media -- -- 32 year old undercover detective -- -- brushed off a black hooded sweatshirt over his head and covering his face. Rushed out of Manhattan Criminal Court. He put up as Long Island City Condo as collateral to post a 150000. Dollars bond. Prosecutors say the off duty detective was part of a biker gang driving recklessly on the west side highway September 29. That part of the group cut off an SUV driven by Alexander lenient and and chased it up to Washington Heights the couple originally told internal affairs he was in the group. But pulled up the detail and the attack on Lee and -- pulled out of the car by some of the bikers and beaten. Prosecutors say they then obtained video evidence that showed the cops shattering the back window of the car with his gloved hand and -- -- Leon's wife and daughter. Because the cop is under cover the judge allowed only audio in the courtroom as he was arraigned. I've been -- -- this -- gambling yeah. -- -- -- -- While the gravesite when you're being broken in the drivers' being -- Video breaking the rear window that. -- Prosecutors also claim -- -- never called 911. And didn't tell his superiors for two days have been among the group of bikers. His attorney claims prosecutors are overcharging his client because he's a cop. The video will exonerate -- -- The video. -- -- And I -- the prosecution to say otherwise. My client -- clawing at no point. Is anywhere near miss the. And our -- as his client will testify before the grand jury that detective has been suspended without pay. Live from lower Manhattan is Sarah Wallace channel seven Eyewitness News. Sarah thank your from lower -- we head to the Bronx another suspect arrested in that biker mob violence would you go to -- Charles -- -- that new development for us Michelle. They isn't much bill this is James John -- year old not -- sneak. During a black collared shirt that is on top -- payment late this afternoon -- the 33 precinct. Walked in with his attorney he has it now the seventh biker charged. In the attack on the driver of the SUV. He has a biker walked in. To the increasing -- -- 170 finance and right -- his attorney Joseph Miree. Who tells me that his client turned himself in because police were looking for but his house yesterday. He's 31 years old -- a plumber according to his attorney he is a family man he is not a member of any particular bike club. He was not wearing a camera on his bike -- on his helmet. And as far as his attorneys knows he was not caught on camera in this incident but he is being charged into the 33 precinct. Because police came by his house and as for the specific charges his attorney tells me -- police just told him. He is being charged like everyone else.

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{"id":20523464,"title":"NYPD Cop Charged With Gang Assault in SUV Attack","duration":"3:45","description":"Undercover narcotics officer, Wojciech Braszczok, 32, was charged in connection with the attack.","url":"/US/video/nypd-cop-charged-gang-assault-suv-attack-20523464","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}