NYU Medical Center Evacuated After Power Generator Fails

Patients were evacuated by medical workers due to outage caused by Tropical Storm Sandy.
3:00 | 10/30/12

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Transcript for NYU Medical Center Evacuated After Power Generator Fails
And we've also been going back and forth with Kimberly Richardson talking about -- dramatic situation being -- played out at NYU -- -- Medical center which we are again we are hearing that power was out they had to resort to back up generators and some of those patients being shuffled to other hospitals. Then we also heard Bellevue hospital experiencing the same situation. We now have on the phone. Doctor -- -- berg who has been able to talk to some of the officials there about how this is now being played out -- how they are. Orchestrating these patients from hospital -- hospital. What you tell us. What -- I haven't been able specifically to talk to the people at NYU but I but I know a couple of things one. Bellevue hospital -- administered in part by NYU certainly. And why you uses Bellevue as a teaching hospital so the two of them probably have some communication with one another. If there is a problem at Bellevue that develops that will require. Evacuation to another facility. Was some of the problems that are being faced. In terms of -- an evacuation of up to -- there they're -- multiple. Evacuations. Generally -- set up to deal with such things as. Natural disasters tornadoes earthquakes and hurricanes but you might be surprised the word maybe not in New York City that only about 14%. Of evacuations. For natural disasters from hurricanes. -- not -- in our area particularly because not a lot of of these storms. Blow up the East Coast and get to New York City but. When the hospital is faced with is the kind of emergency they have planned generally. For how to get things moving -- -- would evacuate patients one of the first -- is how do you get patients from. And what you went -- for example to. A mount Sinai to new York presbyterian. Two. Sloan Kettering nearby hospitals. It it's it's a situation where transportation has should be called in these are all things that are done in advance and the hospital staff. Knows exactly what to do their training. Especially the administrators in a situation like this at 1215. AM. -- administrators that the hospital who go through training so they know exactly what to do how to -- -- down from. The -- force in the hot -- exactly how they how -- they get them down without elevators do they have specific generator set up so that the elevators work. And -- right now we're looking at some of the video of of the patients being transported and I'm. Many patients there who are in critical care can you talk about. What's involved in dealing with these type of patients because you can certainly don't wanna move the patients like this unless you have to and that's the situation that they're in right now. Talk to us about that. Cole one of the one of the things to what you worry about is that you have a lot of patients. We're being monitored on electronic monitors for blood pressure the -- for heart rate. They're not -- not only that are all on oxygen I would say. Over 50% 75%. Of the -- are on oxygen. A lot of them are very very sick their heart patients their elderly they have complications such as diabetes. They're always being followed by. Multitude. Our staff members the nurse is the nurses say. Residents. Fellows who were coming you see them regularly. How do you get these patients. In onto a stretcher. Down into an ambulance and transported. To another hospital I can guarantee you. That there are. Situations and protocols. To do all of this because this is what hospitals are faced with. In whether -- whether it's a mess and natural emergency. City emergency -- Bellevue was set up to do. Which set up to deal with explosions. Subway fires. They're all ready to take in these patients and are already to get them. Not only from the emergency room up to the hospital bed into the icu. But to get them if they can't do out of the icu back down to an ambulance then to another hospital so they don't just before it just doing it and we're. All right our senior medical correspondent Jay I was -- -- jails were. Jay thanks for your insight thanks for -- into such a late hour we really -- have we we did need your expertise in this.

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{"id":17594709,"title":"NYU Medical Center Evacuated After Power Generator Fails","duration":"3:00","description":"Patients were evacuated by medical workers due to outage caused by Tropical Storm Sandy.","url":"/US/video/nyu-medical-center-evacuated-power-generator-fails-17594709","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}