Fort Bliss Troops Talk Suicide Prevention

President Obama promotes mental health help for war veterans.
3:00 | 09/01/12

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Transcript for Fort Bliss Troops Talk Suicide Prevention
-- everybody -- Devin Dwyer with ABC news -- at Fort Bliss Texas just outside El Paso on the southern US border. President Obama was here today to talk about his accomplishments as commander in chief. Ending the war in Iraq winding down the war in Afghanistan. And -- -- -- redoubling their commitment to America's veterans. -- one of the issues the president -- to was the skyrocketing rate of suicide among active duty troops. In the past month alone 26 soldiers have taken their own minds and for seven months of this year 116. Some -- to send a new record. -- we talked to troops -- about that issue and about the mental challenges they face fighting on the front lines. It's the army is obviously a huge concern it's. When you're losing as many soldiers to suicide is as you might be to the enemy it's an obvious problem. We talked about conserving its fighting force you have to start with your own unit in doing what you can't protect them -- -- she needs attention and all the help him get comments that Baghdad is it hard for you coming -- -- -- and that's the mean not necessarily I did -- some friends that Philly fans. Oh we needed for -- now we now I saw it as a coming event and as commanders. We make them. You know we realize -- tanks -- Behavior issues a fiscal issues that we think about -- that. Yeah. We have or aren't you hear -- models aren't soldiers well and that's true. But we also have been reluctant -- Full disclosure and shifted to come to -- -- This. I've often wondered what is the cost prosecuting two wars over a decade long. Around the world and so the most brutal. Fighting imaginable and I think this is it. It's it's it's heartbreaking it's it's confusing. But I think ultimately has -- down to -- the long term. Back these wars. Over over donated through generations now thankfully one of them -- -- -- -- Thanks so much for watching you could follow all of my reports from the Obama campaign trail on Twitter. Devin Dwyer and --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"President Obama promotes mental health help for war veterans. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"17132237","title":"Fort Bliss Troops Talk Suicide Prevention","url":"/US/video/obama-president-fort-bliss-troops-suicide-prevention-depression-health-war-17132237"}