Occupy Oakland Protestors Clash with Police

KGO-TV's Terry McSweeney describes the scene at Frank Ogawa Plaza.
3:00 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Occupy Oakland Protestors Clash with Police
We're keeping a watchful eye on the occupy Wall Street protests around the country in -- California. Police used tear gas rubber bullets and stun guns. On dozens of demonstrators last night after they refused to dis mantle. Their intensity and frank -- -- plaza as many as a hundred people were arrested and Terry McSweeney from our San Francisco. -- affiliate kgo TV joins us now from the plaza. With the very latest -- first I'll take you so much for joining us on what I know is going to be a busy morning. -- -- you know this area in northern California should be used to protest I imagine. What instigated these clashes last night. It all began just across the street from where I'm standing now you can see -- it doesn't look like much maybe a dozen protesters and a dozen police officers. But beyond the barricades. Is Oakland City Hall in front of that is Franco Bala plaza that was taken over by occupy -- two weeks ago. Yesterday morning police moved in to clear it out the concerns were fire safety and health safety. Sanitation issues. And day that led to some arrests but what you're seeing now is what happened last night when there was a a formal demonstration in the occupied -- people. Got together. And police were hit by rocks and bottles and they say they were even attacked with a -- made it. Tear gas canister they responded with their own it. Gas and that. Is what sparked it all -- -- demonstrations that turned violent starting at about 6 o'clock last night another at 7:40 and at 10 o'clock last night. It's got to have very bad as you mentioned about a hundred people arrested. We do not know the number of civilians who were injured we know at least one woman. Was shot at close range by a bean bag gun in the bean bag it was in such close range that it actually cut her forehead. And she was -- there were two police officers injured when they were hit. -- -- paint balls but that was it was at. Looks like a few demonstrators. Who really antagonizing police and some of the organizers are talking do I hear this -- are saying that if the protest it remained peaceful they -- tracked more than the 1000 people they had under yesterday and possibly take back the plaza here at City Hall. Because Terry -- the protests have largely again and peaceful I'm serious. You know whether the police have gotten any criticism are under any scrutiny for their decision. To go into batting -- early this morning. But city officials yesterday held a news conference the city administrator that mayor is at a town. The police chief the fire chief and they all agreed that they had to go in. That there have been problems out at the at the plaza. Not just sanitation issues but also medical issues -- receives a 911 calls him in the EMTs arrived. To go into deal with these medical issues they were denied access by the people who were. By enough people at -- Oakland to prevent them from getting in they worked -- a contingency plan where the injured authorities said were brought out. By people provocative by -- to the EMTs but they were not allowed direct access. Part of -- was He was concerned about fire issues they were propane canisters in there they were doing their own cooking it it was her own the little tent city. But the propane canisters were -- concern. They health issues where another one the sanitation issues there were also reports of some violent incidents in they are among the a couple of hundred people who had moved into the -- bad Franco Bala plaza. So it sounds like the police have legitimate reasons to go in -- you know we've been seeing these protests are. Bonds now here in New York they're starting to -- rise up in other areas of the country. Tell us about these protesters that you have to in Oakland army organized who are today. Well there is a group of protesters end. And to be honest with -- BCM that every protests whether it's this -- -- -- -- Objecting -- -- I had jury verdict in a controversial case involving a police officer there is a -- of protesters who seem to be. At every protest but this protests with a thousand people it was far beyond a core group. There were a lot of people out here and I was talking to some -- lump -- -- down here yesterday morning when the police were breaking it up. Before -- daybreak and they were on their way to work. And they they had stopped by to give their support to the occupy -- people because they're concerned about the direction this country is going especially the economic direction this country is going. And there's some you mothers fathers stopping by. Different ages all ages and there's a lot of support from mainstream America. Her that for the occupy movement. -- granted there is a core. And they are interested in anarchy by their own brother own admission it. And they look at this as a chance to antagonize -- exactly the opposite of what a lot of people with occupy Oakland want this to be which is -- eight. Grassroots movement. That goes down it. And occupies areas of open to show their displeasure. And we're -- see at 6 o'clock tonight when there's another demonstration scheduled led to see exactly you know who which -- goes tonight. Some great insights from you Terry McSweeney on the ground Aaron Copeland former kgo affiliate Terry thank -- so --

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{"id":14818322,"title":"Occupy Oakland Protestors Clash with Police","duration":"3:00","description":"KGO-TV's Terry McSweeney describes the scene at Frank Ogawa Plaza.","url":"/US/video/occupy-oakland-protestors-clash-police-tear-gas-14818322","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}