Occupy Portland Camp Conditions Poor

Mayor of Portland moves to shut down camp citing health risk and high crime.
1:31 | 11/13/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Occupy Portland Camp Conditions Poor
It's the end of the line for the occupied Portland camp. Our hope that this will come to a peaceful resolution after offering his support for weeks mayor Adams says the movement has hit a tipping point on stale and Chapman's wearers in the surrounding area now plagued by crime drug overdoses and other health issues occupy has had considerable time to share its movements messages. With the public but has lost control of the camps it created. Police hope for a week of the tense but ultimately peaceful clearing the Jamison square in the -- district last month. Just on a much bigger scale I'm certain that this will be a challenge and 22 and half years in law enforcement never seen anything quite like this. The mayor's call to clear the parks comes weeks after city commissioner nick fish urged an. Into the camping today is not added a second guess the mayor this occupation these two part test and we have a firm date and I applaud the mayor for putting -- market. But -- taxpayers picking up the tab for more than a month the police overtime and -- damages. We went to the mayor after the news conference to ask you do you feel like you should've taken action -- the responsibility rests on my shoulders. It's a it's a judgment call. And I've made it. At the point that I think it needed to be mean. I think those costs and I'm -- responsibility for those of us -- listen cities that haven't handled it as well as we have our pain. Millions and millions of dollars toward.

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{"id":14943768,"title":"Occupy Portland Camp Conditions Poor","duration":"1:31","description":"Mayor of Portland moves to shut down camp citing health risk and high crime. ","url":"/US/video/occupy-portland-camp-conditions-poor-health-high-crime-mayor-moves-shut-down-us-14943768","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}