Occupy San Francisco Targets Wells Fargo

Activists clash with police as they protest against the bank and foreclosures.
2:00 | 01/21/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Occupy San Francisco Targets Wells Fargo
Before this Wells Fargo Bank opened for business occupy protesters had already painted themselves to the doors. Others used arm to still locked themselves in place. It's a dynamic situation. We are -- facilitate first amendment rights -- of public safety is put at risk for instance blocking fire exits. We've asked to believe over and over again make arrests. Things escalated as protesters blocked the intersection of California and Montgomery. Disrupting traffic. Then police officers confronted a group of protesters near the Bank of America building. More police officers in riot gear were brought in as back up. One man was arrested. There were others like Sanjay -- were taken into custody. Get back said the charge was. Was a misdemeanor trespass. And you know but that's that's not the real issue here the the police are doing their job. The real issue here is the injustice that's going on in equity it's going on our society. This brother and sister from the east today sat in front of a Wells Fargo Bank complaining their parents who live in Chicago. Lost their home after 25 years when times are tough they can make the mortgage payments is that. -- a story that's affecting a lot of people more and more people are losing their homes Wells Fargo issued this statement. In the past year less than 2% of home owner occupied loans in our servicing portfolio. Have proceeded to foreclosure sale. Bank of America did not respond. Protesters also blocked the access to this ATM some customers were not happy about that -- -- going to be. Police eventually -- death. Marches in the downtown area continued throughout the afternoon.

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{"id":15410489,"title":"Occupy San Francisco Targets Wells Fargo","duration":"2:00","description":"Activists clash with police as they protest against the bank and foreclosures. ","url":"/US/video/occupy-san-francisco-targets-wells-fargo-15410489","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}