'OWS' 'Day of Disruption' Inspires, Angers NYC

While protesters support "OWS" methods, some New Yorkers voice frustration.
3:00 | 11/17/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'OWS' 'Day of Disruption' Inspires, Angers NYC
And real people who have no money start to protest this what happened. The rest didn't disrespect you know literally hundreds and they -- -- -- -- politicians get. Victimized and you don't feel we asked me. And it seems like it's. Always we don't have money we -- resources we have and -- here. Nonviolent. I don't want to the. I think these guys make too much money are we too much money and these ladies cleaning toilets -- nothing. It's wrong. To everybody here knows it I think the cops knowing. We are the majority of the people we deserve attention it is the policy is everything should be read in the favorable are -- been living in the park burned over a month. -- adds -- where we recognize certain -- those who didn't repeat offenders a lot of them out there. -- know it's very exciting. -- -- be interesting to see how they how they end -- controlling Elvis everybody pushing against trying to get down the wall. -- -- is that kind of take a different route to get to work well yeah I mean that's it's it. Small inconvenience for the ability everybody -- -- out here on the street late in the course we heard -- even get on either side in. I don't know I literally. Full -- of -- -- -- Heineken is using a prison. -- -- -- -- -- big financial problems the last thing we need. -- to spend billions millions of dollars on police and sanitation and everything that's going on right now so that we want them out of here we have the ability to bring the fight to Washington what are we gonna do Bill Walsh who was trying to go to work to stimulate the economy every day. And we're being harassed.

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{"id":14975474,"title":"'OWS' 'Day of Disruption' Inspires, Angers NYC","duration":"3:00","description":"While protesters support \"OWS\" methods, some New Yorkers voice frustration.","url":"/US/video/occupy-wall-street-nov-17th-day-disturbance-protests-14975474","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}