OccupyDC Protests Koch Brothers

Demonstrators speak out against billionaire Koch brothers.
2:35 | 11/07/11

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Transcript for OccupyDC Protests Koch Brothers
-- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. Okay I'm good. Back -- back -- yeah it's really don't. It's. Elliott popcorn and these but again it was it was a fun event with a very serious and is that the 1% and bought the government are making him. I heard anywhere not we are going to -- nationally and make sure that they hear us. 99% as much bigger than one person. Bottom line here today with the rest of the 99%. Because we believe that the 1% who -- represented inside this building. -- What we've worked for -- sealing our future. And we're here let -- know that overnight want to do that without us without us being here. In person and ended their days. I'm a teacher. I'm sick and tired of lying to my students. -- too many students -- joined the armed forces because you want to get a job. Because you cannot -- -- college. If parents cannot afford it and then -- end -- -- -- you not love guns don't.

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{"id":14901591,"title":"OccupyDC Protests Koch Brothers","duration":"2:35","description":"Demonstrators speak out against billionaire Koch brothers. ","url":"/US/video/occupydc-protests-koch-brothers-14901591","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}