Officials clarify Las Vegas shooting timeline

Sheriff Joe Lombardo said he is "absolutely offended" with criticism calling his team incompetent.
3:23 | 10/13/17

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Transcript for Officials clarify Las Vegas shooting timeline
Unfortunately. Great deal of mines. Investigators time has been preoccupied on this timeline. In a public space. The word incompetence. Has been brought forward and I and absolutely. Offended. With that. Characterization. This is a very dynamic event. Very big event. Thousands of people involved humans involved in documentation. In every venue of information involved in this information. In this investigation. I still stand by the time of 2159915. Art. It's important that you continue to listen to me. 959. Is important. It was inaccurate when our provider team the circumstances. Associated with it is inaccurate. OK. I am very well aware of the MGM statement provided yesterday. I agree with their statement. Not in conflict with her statement. What would here's what I will tell you we were provided. The time of 2159. As us human. Entry into a security law through investigation we have determined. That mr. Campos had encountered the barricade a door there's Jason to the suspect's door. At approximately when he won 59. In his attempt to gain entry to the 32 floor he required him to ascend to a number lover another level. And eventually make access certain 32 floor he went to the door way that he was dispatched to originally. To address the open doorway he mitigated debt situation. And subsequently. Received fire from the suspect. When you culminate that time line. Associated from the initial 2159. To 2205. Timeline that we are still stand by as initial. Volley of fire. Mr. Campos received his wounds in close proximity to 220 all right 2217. Twelve minutes. That is when our officers first. Arrived on the 32 floor. Twelve minutes. You're very well aware the suspect fired at approximately ten minutes. RR rival on the 32 floor the firing had seized. There is no conspiracy. Between the FBI. Between LV MPD in the MGM. Nobody is attempting to hiding anything. Reference this investigation. The dynamics in the size of this investigation requires us to go through. Voluminous. Amounts of information in order to draw an accurate picture. Point chimp like I stated earlier is too cute you information as I know it unverified. To call home. The public. Not to establish a legal case.

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{"id":50468386,"title":"Officials clarify Las Vegas shooting timeline","duration":"3:23","description":"Sheriff Joe Lombardo said he is \"absolutely offended\" with criticism calling his team incompetent.","url":"/US/video/officials-clarify-las-vegas-shooting-timeline-50468386","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}