Officials Confirm 2nd MERS Patient in US

The CDC is tracking down people who may have been exposed to the medical worker who traveled from Saudi Arabia.
30:09 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Officials Confirm 2nd MERS Patient in US
This is a special room. A second patient in the US has been diagnosed with murders. The Middle Eastern respiratory system this time in Florida where a medical professional visiting from Saudi Arabia had to be hospitalized. And isolated. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York that patient was admitted to Orlando's doctor. And we will hear from officials there just moments from now meantime the Centers for Disease Control is trying to track down anyone who may have been exposed on this new patients travels two weeks ago. On that date he flew from Jeddah Saudi Arabia to London London to Boston Boston to Atlanta and Atlanta to Orlando. 500 fellow travelers on his American flights alone. And with the latest now on this new patient let's go to Orlando's doctor. And scene comes I'm ecstatic to have some fever and -- He -- lost on ending he took another -- who. Atlanta band to Orlando. He arrived here in Orlando -- -- -- Continue -- -- -- -- -- that he did not have pact calls that point. He is -- -- with his family. From a -- put it today and the and it in that race today of the week the subsequent -- Mostly at home he'd be non. Do they use vote to its activities in -- area. He was not the anyway obviously -- -- one of the reasons to achieve -- to stay home. He. Presented here whose day emergency department -- -- -- city's hospital in Orlando. Monday may not may -- -- to -- night. Laws a related. And emergency department. On being -- most of -- Main. Main -- overnight from -- eight to may ninth home a nine. Of viral 4 in the morning Hewlett son is seen him you see that I -- and -- analysts have decided to the I mean it. Yugoslavian and besides these Stevens he -- he was an innocent -- -- at that point. We. When we receive the constant -- and that Romney morning on the ninth we'd. -- -- and about the possibility of these being a man is a -- means banks and -- domain name in recent days. It would -- that connects them off -- Quantity of Oregon. But Osgood -- the night symptoms. So the -- was based on the -- isolation precautions. We need -- compacted games a highway points county Health Department -- infection prevention is. Condit -- Health Department contacted -- CDC high seas and we started the process Arafat it passed in. I'm finally. -- in the morning wouldn't rent we receive a planet on Mason's. The violence -- -- -- -- -- That bass and amp has been doing very well is I mean not seen -- CC game here again it continued to be -- It last night his behind them -- -- -- -- of Honda -- -- but he's seen rates theory. He. Yes -- name out of it's called we were able to open -- -- and sampled on. Saturday it was -- that Wanda was -- this CDC analyst they're fun to be possibly. And I am. -- -- He's who lost -- how many -- where our team members who have been exposed. So everybody. Loss. In contact -- the patient. If from the time he presented to the -- out. It on to -- -- must face in their proper isolation precaution -- is quote anyone isolation precautions. -- where I identified. -- they Wear on a contact is on they have been and in. Also there -- how many members of the basin have been in its best and that's what that the Michaels will provide more information about that. I have to say that in a doctor before this hospital. We a a facility -- that he's that close to -- If tourist attractions -- in Orlando. We received BC they're from or around the world. -- -- of been. Travelers and also gone to restated. If people that leaving the area so we I have to say we out of prepare for these by both occupants qualities. Last -- I have to say we did an exercise here induct -- -- -- -- -- Routinely to -- -- where. The list systems on -- case. -- -- fictitious case that was used was the case -- of of manners and Colby. Seoul. -- -- an excellent real tiny tomatoes. Feel happy as for the east side Arafat Arafat he should -- -- on -- -- -- and you really in Ohio -- -- I have to say. We learned died yesterday that -- -- and the news -- today at. Heat Orlando regional medical center came in last week on paid me five. AM we need. Based on that he knows. In -- stay there for. Best. And so we. Identified also. -- pesos -- team members that they would have been exposed. Dot of if fighting members and -- identified and to be exposed. In an Orlando arena make -- and there. He now cost -- of beef -- is hospital -- -- -- they don't all of these teens eighteen members and that way Xbox. As they say all these team members when notified the he had been asked as they both work for fourteen -- I'm they've been asked to check -- temperatures in days it twice today and to monitor for any symptoms which has a fever and she -- A muscle aches cough or sore -- I seen died and now will he should use soap star came might just who is there are aware and -- convicted of occupational health. Thank -- -- Crespo. Good morning. As of the in the business this past mandating we had a total of seventeen Orlando -- members. And three positions -- have been notified of their possible exposure. To the merits virus. From BP h.'s doctor -- alluded to we have thirteen team members and -- physicians. And OR MC we have fourteen members in one position. At this time the team members have been brought and they -- -- -- CDC investigation form. They then were evaluated for any signs or symptoms of a consistent with the -- virus. A nose and throat swab were collected and they've been -- sent to the state lab for testing. During the incubation period which can last up to fourteen days these -- members will not be put on the work schedule and an abundance of caution. Team members will be compensated for their regularly scheduled shift during the time that they are off. A daily phone call will be placed -- all of the team members involved. To follow up with how they're doing and monitor them with -- symptom survey. I'm glad to report that I have spoken most of these team members today. They'll report -- he's doing great nobody is developed any symptoms and we will continue to follow them daily. Three -- fourteen. On day fourteen we will see all of those involved back. We will then collect the swabs again in addition to some additional blood work. What's had been medically cleared we will allow them to return to work. We anticipate -- the initial testing that was done yesterday should be back within the next -- active. We continue to work with equipment dollar effort for the CDC. And the department of health as we move forward to this. Doctor Crespo -- at least some additional information onto the team members. There were evaluated further -- with regards to. A big scene in the emergency department. So that team members that game yesterday for there's enough that they went on -- they Wear. Game. Showing. Flu like symptoms. -- one of them is excited about 24 hours after -- ex publisher and the other one about 72 hours. So us Africa precautionary. Mission they -- taken Tuesday emeritus of the firemen. The friends the area where all -- -- team members were tested. They were placed on -- -- the proper isolation precautions that we. And we and that we have all the windows CDC recommendations. They -- -- distant past -- recommended by the CDC one of them has another uncle Mort beat -- and he was. Sent home he did not meet criteria for re a nation. He's been. In monitored by a -- -- team. It it seems to be on improving. I'm -- there to mandate it wasn't needed because he needs he -- need a pretty for a nation. And he's doing very well last well we just waiting for the -- results Sunday and -- destined -- -- and on yesterday to decide about. In these charts so does this situation -- those two team members I have to and today. It's tell -- that we -- have before we are prepare for us situations like these he -- what we do accommodate every day. How we continue to -- ready -- who we then CDC and I went on asked county Health Department. To identify -- -- but they so -- decades they. -- and that would have been exposed. Two continue to monitor they date conflicts that we have identified. Then me and now introduce -- dope or not caving in as Syrian he is days health officer and director of the -- -- -- -- -- -- In -- come and we're. Questions. -- hold on loan industry. Can you -- hear us on the phone. OK now go ahead and take questions. -- There. We don't know again -- -- -- was. It is a -- on the scene to assist -- about 24 hours in afternoon. That and painting their Millicent contact we've the patient. It's -- to -- -- bit too soon based on day information that we have from from the CDC but -- deal. Because we Arab a consent and we want to be extra caution we out of with laser based in an isolation and TB -- and make on the other. -- -- It is not a doctor is is one of they have it to members. What can be in Americus if I'm -- -- it's -- -- -- Not that -- contacts that have been identified. That when exposed to the patient. It all happened before there proper isolation precautions when it initiated. Some of these people -- -- gone -- with the -- -- -- with on a gain in mass. -- -- What these -- team members. We have not diagnosed. Stand with matters they've been -- that like any other -- -- -- contact. They asked him. That they have spiraled of we have a -- feast seen made. Team members -- in -- three doctors. Sixteen to fifteen in -- for -- hospital five in that buoyancy. -- -- -- I am not in -- Keeping our eyes. All of the team members -- they say we are following up for the daily phone -- they've been given a symptom survey. Very specific to -- to what we would be looking for so we're very close contact they've also been provided a phone number. To call and even in any questions or change they've been instructed what to do with any symptoms should developed. Thompson very clear about that. They had been asked to to remain at home they've -- been provided surgical mask. Com and instructive on how and when teases. Division. Possible evidence of pneumonia so -- emeritus of the army and a team. Failed to. -- criteria for admission. Green line fast made it hard this week. What happened that day -- hear any sort of that he might have learned that when -- is it possible that had happened and -- about one half. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So -- that point he wants having seen counts. Body he was not seeking medical attention about points you must not that. You're not. Moment because -- Dallas Dallas that's an information that we obtained after interviewing. Him here. Got six article he was not the case. And it matters -- It's like our country. Needs to hear that. Secondly how -- -- -- That the patient data -- treatment is is symptomatic so we gave the -- and hey IV fluids -- -- these many days has to -- -- Steve to console them also makes. As you said -- auspices Greek -- treatment for manners they Colby. Day fifteen members. And it -- seen -- We just feel. Waiting for -- date for the testing. -- -- the same team they've been treated symptomatic and one of -- -- initially was suspected -- could be in the morning it's receiving. Proper antibiotics. Fever around on the patient is being named as high as -- 102. He's here with your land of the home with his -- During an entity. Also. He's had -- his fans at the result is there. They have their family members have been best that we are waiting for those -- solos on it just like everybody else that was in contact. It -- It. -- -- Now they're not showing symptoms. -- your home there not a solution in the -- So you know contained at home or staying homered. Not -- in the community -- Oh -- our own helmet contact really allowed after. You -- it's hurtful that -- cleared room off. You know we instructed the the family members. Just -- -- -- appropriate precautions if they are in close contact with somebody else who instructed that we recommend that they. Stay at -- as much as possible if they did have to go out to Wear the mask. Were struck could have used that -- -- -- at two words many of these Wear them that work they are health care workers and for many -- isolation and very -- Unionists. -- but they are allowed their -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The disease which does seem to spread from close contact that's what -- health care workers are particular -- that. That has been the case in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula. And that is why the only -- cases in the United States were in healthcare workers who returned from the Saudi peninsula. So it is a disease likes -- The corona virus which seems to spread among those that are most. Close contact with the individual patient. It is your business this hospital -- He's area. You or -- -- -- Here. The what you -- Every -- All it was it was. We're talking about a significant number of hours and I know from the hospital standpoint or -- and this hospital are cooperating in efforts are under way to contact the folks who were in these errors and make sure the -- -- That is -- task for the Centers for Disease Control. And he -- from the 500 Purcell. The war on the US faces of those flights. That isn't it question the can be answered by the Centers for Disease Control people only. -- when you're talking about here in Orlando -- close contacts would be. You know in the range -- I would -- a couple dollars and between the hospital workers -- the commute to household contacts. -- if you extend it through people who were in the waiting room or or agencies. You know it might. Be. I'm trying to guess here. Under -- hundred. -- -- In the weight -- The years and just -- -- just from their approximate time so when. -- patient was in those series yes. I just when I've asked has -- one months and before that facing into the hospital. He was not highly in cough he was not having respiratory symptoms so. We believe that that makes less. At least golf trustees and two -- to -- -- -- conflicts. I think -- Close contact is how people get this disease it -- -- how close and maybe somebody is. Probably is right next to them you know if you're cured deliver in your nervous and -- auctioning them. He's of the type of people and the vision effectively coughing. You're doing a tree in your you know. Changing you know who used here for so many event later these of the type of people in Toronto with the stars who pretended to -- infection. So and I would imagine -- -- -- Hospitals and Saudi Arabia has been new experience and and its close contact world -- And in fact some of them -- they really didn't have good infection control techniques here in the United States hospitals have. Really good infection control techniques and wants it was realized. That this was infect the respiratory. Infection case. Within hours of his admission the proper infection control techniques were -- put in place. So the wrist wrist of -- health care workers -- seems to be negligible. Well from that standpoint -- -- -- -- Point eight potential health care were you hospitals -- feel about a hundred people that we're eating out of the differently. Orlando has done everything. Here here and horror. As hurricane -- Hoover's happening here anybody be very. And -- -- -- really don't believe so I think that. The risk is negligible so this community I think the risk is negligible to those who were in the waiting room or in the -- Radiology. Area or -- -- You know I think that the -- to the health care workers. Who were cheering for him immediately. There would be perhaps a subset of -- but it it somewhat greater risk bought it wouldn't you for the household members have been. At greater risk but not those who were in the waiting areas locals -- bends. I'm window feet you're -- And I please visit our if you. -- -- -- -- -- I -- in Orlando Reno. And manicures and there was not -- -- was in or rule. Romeo was a short time -- in. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you start. So we're talking limbo in the -- -- it was a very short time. Waiting for another patient to have a person -- don't. What's and one -- Destin area. As far as in this waiting room. There was little -- -- -- so you know. It's here as. And there. Cases that art. Well I think we need to be. And I think we ought to be -- better prepared because I wouldn't. Think we're an art Norman -- last of this we're going to see all the travelers come from. All of this part of the world from the Saudi peninsula but just seems that there is a larger surge of this in the Arabian Peninsula and we. We are of the travel the estimation. And we're grimacing more cases come into our community sort of thing doctor Chris point I would agree that all hospitals and central floor vote. All the emergency emergency departments in the United States to be perfectly honest need to become very proficient. We're handling. Them the Middle East was our first syndrome. Virus. And and making sure the protocols are in place and we really do her job and we get the masks on the patients. And on the staff and we handle it in that most. Astute manner and patients come in with this history of travel from your review of peninsula and call an influential months. -- You have been listening to health officials at Orlando doctor peace Phillips hospital. Giving the public an update on the second case of rumors that -- has appeared and the US. We're joined now via Skype from Philadelphia ABC news medical analyst doctor mark -- the Malek. Thank you for joining us doctors gave us an update discussing medical workers in personnel who came in contact with the latest patient. And how they're dealing with these potential. Sort of new cases no one has been diagnosed yet but one of the concerns for doctors in Florida. Well yeah. Seeing is you know a summary of the rest pitched very Middle -- respiratory syndrome virus suit similar to what we have with -- in 20022003. But. You know much less -- at this point. -- the most important thing that we're worried about is our patients coming over from overseas and then putting our health care workers and Americans. Now at risk and what we heard today was. Agent who came -- to -- hospital and up to fifteen or twenty doctors in the Florida area. And doctors and health care workers. You know we're exposed to this gentleman before. Proper precautions were taken and so what we're doctors trying to do now what -- -- now is contain -- and find out exactly who was exposed and what they need to do about it. And -- us an idea this is a virus of course a very serious buyers is it known if any anti viral medications such as Tamiflu have any effect. On treating rumors -- just the symptoms. Right so that's a great question Michelle you know what we do know is that there is no specific treatment for the -- virus anti violence that we have on the market we don't know that they'll work for this what we do know Marx is supportive care ivy blue -- giving them oxygen and you -- keeping them hydrated things like babble we don't have. Unfortunately a specific treatment for an immersed virus. Heard you know of -- is we've heard of other viruses this is brand new virus first down of course in the Middle East what do we know about it how was it originally contract did and what makes. The -- virus different from stars. So. What we know about it is that it originated in the Middle East and their reading and an -- Peninsula we think that the virus originated in catcalls. And acts. -- and frequently we do get our human viruses from the animal kingdom. I'm and so we know that. Artists stars and eating and -- some of those viruses originated in birds and then. The virus sort of get stronger when it figures out how to cross from an animal and then to a human and and it really. Ramps up when -- can figure out how to go from human to human transmission and what is very different now -- virus compared to all the rest so far. Is that it does not go from human to human. Easily and that's why we see a relatively low number of infected people even people who've been sort of -- round. -- makes a sick person. And again the symptoms are similar to flu like symptoms what are. The telltale signs of this virus how are they able to -- -- and differentiated from other viruses. So it's the same things that's -- our upper respiratory illness has unfortunately they're not specific. Fever chills cough runny nose sort of these big symptoms and so. The key thing is to find out you know if you've been -- -- and exposed -- -- around somebody who has been traveling in some of these areas if you get those symptoms in a key period of time anywhere from two days. To fourteen days. In that window that's in -- probably five days is the most at risk. That's when you really want to meet surety you're seeking medical attention and the test is you know you go to your dark street go to your hospital and you say look I've been potentially exposed. I've been given this you know I've been to these places and there are specific tasks that can check for the -- are not widely available have to sort of be in tune into it at this state departments and -- in every state. Have that and can check -- And of course now that this is the second case in the US certainly there will be a heightened alert here. The unidentified man traveled from Saudi Arabia to London several major cities including Boston. Atlanta Orlando. And Florida where he's isolated now and exposing himself to hundreds of passengers. What is the incubation period for rumors and also what will they be doing to get in contact with these passengers. Yet you know senators' of this beast -- -- -- the world we live it and how infectious diseases in the modern age. Get around and you're right hundreds of people expose on the international and domestic flights. And you know the incubation period is is this two to fourteen days out. I'm you know we and you heard in the press conference that they were monitoring -- workers and keeping them out of work for fourteen days because that's how long. It can take. And so you know with lice you know you get to look at -- -- -- you know exactly who is on board. You know as compared to the first agent last week in Indiana actually travel -- -- it's not so easy to figure out who is our -- where everybody was sitting back. That you know the good news is that they have records of these people and you know -- -- increase awareness and knowing that two to fourteen days you know we can reach some of these people and contain as if it becomes our -- get more important thing is right now we do not think -- easily goes from person -- ABC's -- ABC news medical analyst doctor mark of the -- think you for joining us today. You can of course keep up this in this story with real time right now live press conference is still streaming you can also download the ABC news -- And star this story for exclusive updates on the -- For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"30:09","description":"The CDC is tracking down people who may have been exposed to the medical worker who traveled from Saudi Arabia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"23698092","title":"Officials Confirm 2nd MERS Patient in US","url":"/US/video/officials-confirm-2nd-mers-patient-us-23698092"}