Ohio Man Allegedly Shoots Wife in Hospital

Police say the 66-year-old man shot his wife while standing at her bedside.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Ohio Man Allegedly Shoots Wife in Hospital
Officially renounced. Brain dead that's the latest on the condition of 65 year old Barbara wise after police say she was shot Saturday night by her husband 66 year old John -- we spoke to Akron police captain DN's Ed Kelly over the phone says. Indication at this point subject to further investigation she -- -- Q. -- is quite suffering. And the captain ended by saying -- may soon be facing first degree murder charges that the medical Examiner's office determined -- -- when brain dead Sunday as a result of the gunshot wounds at the couple's net income for its. Like -- was mostly keeping to themselves a hospital spokesperson says 65 year old -- wise was already in critical condition inside the hospital's intensive care unit -- at around 815 Saturday night. Police say her husband of 45 years opened fire. I. Wept -- -- pictures so you can't. Turn should -- and virtue -- department. Charging attempted murder. This is. You know -- -- what to expect that woods was in the hospital that night it says it was frustrating to hear of another shooting this time so close to his family. There was you know fear of the unknown last 82. Which security and that the medical team quickly jumping in air action. It's is that everyone very home woods says the hospital staff responded quickly kept the DNC -- telling with the Akron police departments -- -- if you -- as early as Monday. -- Stephanie Ramirez news channel five.

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{"id":16936643,"title":"Ohio Man Allegedly Shoots Wife in Hospital","duration":"3:00","description":"Police say the 66-year-old man shot his wife while standing at her bedside.","url":"/US/video/ohio-man-allegedly-shoots-wife-in-hospital-16936643","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}