OJ Simpson Returns to Court, Hopes Judge Grants Retrial

Ex-football star acquitted for the murder of two people says his previous lawyer mishandled latest case.
6:58 | 05/13/13

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Transcript for OJ Simpson Returns to Court, Hopes Judge Grants Retrial
This is a special report from ABC news. I'm Tanya Rivero in New York with an ABC news digital special report. OJ Simpson is out of jail today and back in court in Las Vegas where he's hoping a new team of lawyers can get -- a new trial. And overturn the robbery and kidnapping conviction. That sent him to prison in 2008. During the five day hearing lawyers will argue for a new trial. Claiming Simpson's original attorney Yale Galanter mishandled the case due to a conflict of interest. ABC's -- -- joins us now live from Las Vegas with more hi there Randy. High time -- here outside the courthouse I have to tell you it's pretty calm right now this is nothing like. 1994 murder case that we saw OJ go through California and even the 2008. Attempted robbery at you know and kidnapping charges that he was found guilty of there's only maybe five or six cameras out here right now so it's definitely not the media circus -- used to -- with OJ Simpson. But inside the courtroom the video is telling a different story about OJ Simpson when he walked into -- he was wearing a blue -- jumpsuit. He was shuffling and handcuffs and his hair is a lot grayer now he is 65 years old about to be 66. You can definitely see that he had blood shot eyes as well so far. He's been behind bars in prison for four years and as you mentioned -- he's hoping a judge this week. After hearing all the evidence will decide that he does deserve a new trial yet you can certainly see in the marathon and a -- turnout for anyone OJ's attorney saying. About how he. Holding up in prison. She gave an interview -- ABC news this past weekend leading up to the trial and she says he's actually cautiously optimistic he does feel that the judge could swing this his way and give -- a new trial she said though obviously when we talk -- -- he's looking a lot older which we can now see in the video and she says that he is. Walking -- it's a little bit more difficult for him to walk as he gets older. But she does say that prison is definitely taking its tall and I think you can kind of see that -- when you look at the images -- -- have -- Absolutely now. Branding parents -- the last. -- five days will OJ Simpson take the stand to tell his story he happened in the past. Now and that's the key here for just upon his attorneys said in an interview over the weekend he will be taking a stand. He wants to tell his story. That's also a potential -- here because as you mentioned OJ Simpson and all these criminal trials even with the 1990 four killings of his ex wife he was acquitted but he never took the stand. With the 2008 case here he never took the stand so if he takes a stand this time there are legal experts who say that puts -- open. To put any kind of questioning now if somebody does ask about the 1994 murders what are the odds that the judge would allow that type of questioning but still. A question could be asked so. Is OJ credible witness were gonna find out will the judge trust him -- the editing as the judge has to believe what OJ Simpson is telling her as his version is the truth. In the -- want to see what happens is expected tickets as stand on Wednesday Tanya and there are a number of things that he wrote -- -- That his lawyer he's as. Told him to do. Want to -- I understand is that rather his lawyer did not help him make -- clean deal let me. What about ten years -- present -- And in this case is pending OJ Simpson against his former attorney Yale Galanter it's the two of them kind of going head to head in a way OJ Simpson says that when he spoke to Yale Galanter before she tried to go back into the sports -- and memorabilia. At Yale Galanter as -- attorney advised him you have every right to confront these men to get your memorabilia back as long as you don't use force. -- That it just gave him the green -- he took his -- -- -- the only issue was as there was somebody as we learned of the trauma came in with a gun. So what they're trying to prove really in this in this hearing here is that. Yale Galanter was -- going into this trial representing OJ Simpson and never revealed in court that he gave him that advice. So it's really going to be interesting to see Galanter on the stand and that OG on the stand and again it's up to the judge decide. Who does she believe -- -- however has said nothing publicly yeah. We'll be tapped. Yeah exactly and we're expecting possibly for going to testify on Friday OJ Simpson on Wednesday the other issue that you mentioned with the plea bargain -- well. According -- OJ Simpson he was never told that Galanter had been speaking with the prosecution about a possible plea deal. We spoke to the former prosecutor over the weekend as well he says that he approached the lancer. He said that he was willing to give them possibly BO 24 months but really wanted to push towards thirty. According to OJ she never heard about that and Galanter said OJ would do according to the prosecution. No less than twelve years and hid behind cars. So -- says she said he said kind of thing and I whether OJ was notified about that that's gonna come up in court as well and if that deserves a new trial based on that as well. Legal watchers think -- little that I hail Mary pass on the part of the -- -- That isn't in the line continues all they -- obviously because OJ Simpson is a former probate. That this is kind of his last resorts. You know one -- the judge decided to hear the case -- and it. There are a lot of legal -- -- believe he does have a chance there are several points that they try to make it to try to get a new trial and the judge is looking at several of them it's not just one for there's a list that she can consider to possibly get a new trial so yes this might be his last shot he has one more possible appeal after this. The let's face it -- 65 years old he could face he's on an important prison for four years in. He didn't have risen from just 33 years when -- -- -- -- -- on the -- telling seventy. Why not try this you're going to be in very in -- process though this week -- had nothing to lose an allotment. The game now -- -- anyone else might have some fine -- Only talk about the attorneys -- you hear about Yale Galanter vs OJ Simpson there was another attorney that was part of OJ's. Defense early online and his name is Gabriel Grasso does he wasn't really attorney in this case he was kind of assisting the lancer. The grass is expected to take -- stand and looking at the affidavits over the weekend and she looked through so many documents it's really interesting he describes Galanter as being kind of controlling. And you -- -- OJ Simpson to testify -- again even talked to Simpson and said that Simpson wanted to test by 2008. And -- said this is a great idea but it was silly as you said no the prosecution has proven its case so we kind of goes into detail and -- I'm curious to see how much she attacks Galanter when he takes the stand because it does not seen. Like the two of them had a great relationship and he also claims. -- didn't pay him that he's that he was promised in this case that -- -- A majority of the money. We can't doctor going to he's not -- -- comment so all that's gonna come up as well very interesting indeed Randy thank you so much back. -- in Las Vegas. -- not an ABC news digital special report for the latest on the latest OJ Simpson trial that abcnews.com. I'm Tanya Rivero in New York. This has been a special report from ABC news --

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{"id":19169627,"title":"OJ Simpson Returns to Court, Hopes Judge Grants Retrial","duration":"6:58","description":"Ex-football star acquitted for the murder of two people says his previous lawyer mishandled latest case.","url":"/US/video/oj-simpson-back-court-2013-simpson-retrial-abc-19169627","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}