Oklahoma Tornado Leaves Dozens Dead

Gov. Mary Fallin discusses search and rescue efforts after massive Newcastle-Moore tornado.
6:58 | 05/21/13

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Transcript for Oklahoma Tornado Leaves Dozens Dead
It's certainly a very very sad day -- of Oklahoma. Very hard day -- -- -- tremendous disaster that has hit this community and more in other areas at this day. Beginning yesterday with a terrible storms and history. So many different areas and certainly today it places big tornado that. -- long had the same path that may night. Maker turning in 1999 -- is arguably there's something I've just been handed against -- warriors element. His -- saying first of all that our prayers and our thoughts -- -- Oklahoma families that have been hit hard line this. Terrible storm these last two days managing that are our hearts our heart is broken more -- parents. Man are wondering. This -- children had. Hand in hand as animals -- -- minions -- and certainly the other. Businesses facilities that have been hit hard and there are our families wondering -- their -- ones aren't. Right now everything we can't as -- state -- Get his match mercy personnel state agencies. All the different charities around -- search and rescue -- Trying to make sure it immediately tender every single piece of debris and every single building -- Along the -- and. And communities to find anyone that might be -- might be lost friends storms that it hit the state of Oklahoma. I just want to say how much I appreciate. All the first responders the -- Law enforcement. Entities acquired the police Red Cross Salvation Army -- child. We called out the National Guard. And it certainly many other emergencies nurses throughout the say the hospitals that are responding so well to those have been injured. In in this terrible storm that is struck -- -- And we're doing everything we can't get all the resources out. At this community and certainly and other areas that stay there were also dealing with right now. That we won't. Aaron no resource ringers and resource -- that we can we can't. Offers from other governors across the nation I even -- a phone call from President Obama understands his prayers for the same. It's also offers anything he can to speed at. RS federal assistance and -- any time -- red tape that might -- it -- -- -- all the resources today. We have called in extra resources -- -- for search and rescue and it right hand that rescue dogs to go through that debris at south. It will be dark pretty soon and we want to do everything we can't do it continues to look for those that might be lost in this tragedy. I want to and encourage all oklahomans that. Can't -- stay away we have lots law enforcement Ers personnel that -- homicides this out. We had that tremendous. Traffic jams on our highways right now with either -- and I were at war. That took a direct hit reality train crossing those areas and they're -- side streets that are also jammed with traffic. Communication is very hard whips out. Towers can also downed power lines throughout various areas of the state energy -- and more in this -- Communications -- hearing cars and work as you can -- to be as patient as possible. And a wedding has worked through what we need to him. And knowing that we're -- every single thing that we can to assist photos that are battery and eat right now and bring it resources. I want to say thank you so -- -- immediate immediate status of her job. The last couple of days of keeping people informed about the current weather conditions especially her reprimanded. That hasn't been on the ground driving and following and tracking the storm itself. Besides this it around -- collectors today -- park loss of many homes and lost -- people. And also ran that Carney Oklahoma. Highway -- -- -- evidence honey. Many people have let -- say because the media and there -- response reporting on the track storms that they were able to get to this storm shelter. We'd be saved a lot of lives and because of that. But as we know today we had a massive tornado. Huge when his passing this community we do you know there are fatalities we don't have may never count the end. We know there are a lot of injuries we know -- lost tremendous amount of structures throughout this community and throughout this day. Our Health Department and our neighbors and our medical examiner are working as experts say -- Try to help families. Buying and try to find their loved ones. Those families who don't know the Santas and their love lives and checking our children they had ranked schools -- -- hit. There is -- reunification center set at saint Andrew's church at a 119. And south bank. Our prayers are read -- you. We're working as quickly as we can -- try to get through that debris and to -- answers and questions about where. Loved ones are. We can't. Course -- and pay federal emergency declaration yesterday for sixteen counties. Today he added another five candies -- university decoration. It will allow us to you. Texas emergency services coordinate with the local communities. Make. Emergency purchases. Mortgages -- bringing resources to help search rescue and certainly with the clean at south. And we have -- indirect contact with -- And talking to and I -- -- Types and -- as -- assistance every. For individuals families or our businesses in the community disaster relief -- now. Police say no that's. Where were working just as quickly as we can hear a tremendous amount of people that are helping. Those who aren't involved in and rescue operations -- stay away for an immediate facility vicinity. So that we can bring him -- emergency services thing we need to. We will be -- continuously update you. Tomorrow night we'll be taking and an aerial tour. We and our. National garden I did call out earlier today. An answer and when I saw that -- hitting this area -- Katie and our National Guard members. Can it help the security parameters and also have our -- child wins are. Traffic congestion on our highways in Kansas -- the areas that have been affected. So we are working -- Red Cross or Salvation Army and meet our charities in food and water. And emergency shelters out to those that have lost and certainly helped. Feed and hydrate and says -- working at the scene. -- -- --

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{"duration":"6:58","description":"Gov. Mary Fallin discusses search and rescue efforts after massive Newcastle-Moore tornado.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19221496","title":"Oklahoma Tornado Leaves Dozens Dead","url":"/US/video/oklahoma-tornado-leaves-dozens-dead-19221496"}