The ongoing fight to overcome voter suppression

This year marks the 150th anniversary of the passage of the 15th Amendment, allowing black Americans to vote. Today, black voters across the country are still encountering road blocks.
5:23 | 06/20/20

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Transcript for The ongoing fight to overcome voter suppression
You're taking a look at a big black lives matter. Banner right next to saint John's church there in Washington DC. Welcome back to our special here and slavery. Does not abolished until the black man has the ballot. Those word was spoken by Frederick Douglas back in 1865. At the end of the civil war and now here we are in 20/20. Heading towards another presidential election arguably one of the most pivotal in generations and as we've already seen in the primary season the right of the black man and woman to vote. Is still not a guarantee. Activist looks hot show grounds has dedicated her career to the notion that all black voters matter. Well on the ground when we're really excited about getting people out to bottles. Voters in the Atlanta area endured hours of alliance but just last week in the Georgia primary elections brown pulled appalled by what she solved. We're going to wait times 36 hour. African American voters it during endless lines and overwhelmed pull work. Now there's been a distinction between how black police have been treated in this country. In many ways our contemporary moment has been perfect storm in demonstrating some of the distort problems that have plagued black voting rights during the history of our nation. This year marks the 150. Anniversary of the ratification of the fifteenth amendment which states the right to vote shall not be denied on account of race. The fifteenth and admit is greeted with enthusiasm across the United States by African Americans. Because they recognized how importance moment it. That joy was short lived Jim Crow laws were passed in the south to keep blacks from the ballot box. We'll have the poll tax. The be the literacy test there was always the threat of violence and intimidation at the polls these efforts to prevent African Americans from voting will ultimately. Very successful. But then in the 1960s but the finance generation fought back peacefully. Marching for their voting rights only to be met with Billy clubs and tear gas. This country was worth living for fighting for and dying for. For civil rights icon Andrew Young the violence injured on the historic Selma to Montgomery marches was worth it. For their big prize passage of the landmark voting rights act of 1965. And that's something you had on your mind in Selma. We will Willard and the guy. Because. We knew. This country needed a voting rights act to empower them and every citizen. So that the will of the people could become the reality of violation. But new generations of black voters say those horde ore and rights have been eroded by efforts to suppress their vote. Everything from boat right deal laws the purging of voter rolls and the rejection of absentee ballots. There's a cost a tank on the civil rights. Well this in this country. That constant attack. Felt on so many fronts has pushed to 20/20 two an unprecedented tipping point. Voting choosing leaders becoming the highest priority for change we need struggles we've gone to presidential election in 2001. This is more than a vote. Our lives arrested BBA's stored dream on green and other athletes have joined the LeBron James to form a more than a vote. A nonprofit dedicated to fighting voter suppression and increasing black voting. It's the values of my platform to raise awareness to educate more on these issues that we're facing. The president critics are. Yeah. Boy peers spoke to the NBA's Atlanta Hawks is also taking his voice from the sidelines to the streets warrior doing strategy. I don't fill as if parents trust the leadership. I'm dressed I'm change. Here's the hawks are now pushing to turn state former arena home of the hawks into a polling place I think the idea thirty NBA seasons with the growing to open up the arena's and an increase voting across the country. You want to make of the voting event. If that's what it takes. I'm called Eyewitness News accountable. I think it's important for us of Feldman. That it gets tired of this is some the wait for me it's important for have to go into that system and changing. Georgia voting rights activist Mary pat Hector is trying to make today's protest movement been something more on Election Day in November. Aren't all as organizations that is any first time voters registered and into the coldest possible very excited about the November report that I can't be true. Hundred return I want is leading light in a moment but in movement. I am sitting here. And the hope and dream of playing games here I think an event because there were people who can't believe and he had ideas and. Though the from the head down there in Georgia's vote still turned out of the election there that has to give you some hope I put my hope. In them and the election is just one phase of this. Hello I'm saying is don't ever give up don't give in and keep on keep an all. Got a feeling everything's. Going to be all right. Thank you TJ.

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{"duration":"5:23","description":"This year marks the 150th anniversary of the passage of the 15th Amendment, allowing black Americans to vote. Today, black voters across the country are still encountering road blocks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"71355020","title":"The ongoing fight to overcome voter suppression","url":"/US/video/ongoing-fight-overcome-voter-suppression-71355020"}