'Operation Orange Fingers' Brings Doritos to HempFest

Seattle police will distribute the snack to promote a website that explains marijuana state laws.
1:44 | 08/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Operation Orange Fingers' Brings Doritos to HempFest
Slovenia's. For the -- Arenas came to the rescue. And it's a bold campaign she. Just for Seattle police. Operation orange fingers to deliver a serious message at this year's annual ham fest at -- passed right so there's going to be. Marijuana now legal. Officers will be handing out 1000 bags of -- -- its. And we wanted to do something special and unique each bag will have a sticker that lays out the basics of I -- And it's PDs famous mineral what now campaign -- -- -- has. Change the face of one horsemen with ham fest attracting thousands of people and their best bonds. As -- hopes the stunt will help the public digests the rules. We want to eliminate the confusion we want to make the rules clear the law is still a work in progress. You can. Buy it from some -- on the street corner you've done nothing wrong the person who -- that -- is committed a felony. Rather than just handing out flyers that would likely be ignored about a forgot something that's -- quirky. A little ironic a speedy. Wanted to create a bunch causing a -- that hemp -- They don't expect this year's ten best -- be much different than years past but police will be watching very closely especially on the roads. If -- the influence of marijuana. You will be stopped and well no because you'll be all over the route. All kidding aside SPD has a -- serious message. -- the -- know the rules. It was a monumental vote. In a state that made a bold move last November respect that. Give the state a chance to work this out.

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{"id":19970020,"title":"'Operation Orange Fingers' Brings Doritos to HempFest","duration":"1:44","description":"Seattle police will distribute the snack to promote a website that explains marijuana state laws.","url":"/US/video/operation-orange-fingers-brings-doritos-hempfest-19970020","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}