Oregon Driver Ticketed for Teddy Bear Passenger

Scarlett Zibritovsky was fined for driving with her stuffed animal in the HOV lane.
3:00 | 08/31/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oregon Driver Ticketed for Teddy Bear Passenger
Failure to Obey traffic control -- interview -- that's a whopping 260. Dollar tickets. -- -- -- -- -- Was busted illegally riding an hov lane on I 5 and I am growing -- -- my -- driving and I turned ninety -- -- -- kind of have this huge smile. -- -- -- I'm getting you can get right -- I can -- I can tell here is definitely I think he chuckled under her comment he had how she got the ticket because this. Is Hulu or once the cops off as her passenger. Scarlett says the officer even snapped this photo of the bizarre bear riding shot again. It was an animal -- going on a camping trip that was trying to get -- and you know. Wasn't directing and DO I -- I just Scotto her and let you know and I can just get a couple of current academy might not so why would she rolling around with death the giant -- anyways I -- it was getting rid of a lot of -- they're thinking that I love this -- about. Honestly what am I gonna -- with us maybe yes I'll have a mimic hiring kids thinking this topic and well meaning give it -- locator summoning his gonna. -- do little more of that stick in my closet space he wasn't the backseat for a little while I thought it -- me Karla tutored you can -- -- means the but the real question did she think she actually get away with it yeah I know lay eggs Clinton camp that was -- -- -- may limit the Teddy bear. Does other bankrupt and that's -- Look like a prison but you know I and a good samaritan and certainly don't break a lot of this up. After she got the ticket Scarlett took her own photo we got -- -- says she's definitely learned her lesson let them land. They're learns not to try to make passenger -- he just sat there.

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{"id":17125836,"title":"Oregon Driver Ticketed for Teddy Bear Passenger","duration":"3:00","description":"Scarlett Zibritovsky was fined for driving with her stuffed animal in the HOV lane.","url":"/US/video/oregon-driver-ticketed-for-teddy-bear-passenger-17125836","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}