Oregon Mall Shooting: Suspect Jacob Tyler Roberts Identified

Police release new information about alleged shooter and his victims.
20:00 | 12/12/12

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Transcript for Oregon Mall Shooting: Suspect Jacob Tyler Roberts Identified
This is a special -- From ABC news now. -- -- everyone I'm -- tougher New York taking you live -- -- when I heard a press conference about yesterday's deadly shooting at a mall let's listen then. I am -- -- grace and -- information. And also be available for your questions. As I know yeah. -- -- It's here yeah. Enjoy the surviving. Currently seeking medical. This time we're prepared to release the identities of two individuals -- the attack. And they are. -- -- -- The student warriors -- -- northeast corner. And -- fast you foresight age 45 plus. That's not a victim who is now listed in serious condition -- -- Female. Name Christina. Shift change. In addition. We're now able to share the identity of the suspect in this case. And his name is Jacob Tyler Roberts. He's born march 16 1990. Based all evidence that we've gathered so far it appears that he -- guy. The self inflicted gunshot wound. We're also prepared to release additional information. About the suspect. During this attacked. He was armed with -- -- ar fifteen semi automatic rifle. The rifle was stolen yesterday from a person known as a suspect. At the time of the attack. He was wearing a load bearing -- now bulletproof vest that was earlier reported. -- some outlets. He was also wearing a hockey style face mask. And we've not yet been able to establish how many shots were fired. During the attack although we believe he was carrying several fully loaded magazines. -- this time. We do not understand the motive of this attack. Except to say that there's no -- relationship between the suspect in -- victims. After we identified the suspect we executed a search warrant at his home which is located at 7324. South east 84 avenue in Portland. We also conducted a search warrant his vehicle which was a 1986. Volkswagen -- found at the -- was town center. Parking lot. Now to protect integrity investigation were not going to release the results of the search warrant. At this particular time. Excellent -- described to you how this event unfolding. At 3:29 PM we received multiple 911 calls reporting that we had an active -- at the -- Our first unit -- one minute later. At 3:30 PM. -- once on scene officers initiate. An active shooter protocol. And and that's a technique that's developed to deal with precisely this type of threat. Law enforcement has learned from past tragedies throughout this country. That we can't wait for swat teams and teams need to deploy immediately. So we trained and equipped each of our individual officers to form up in teams as they arrive. And move immediately. Into engage in the threat wherever it might be. Now this -- officers from different agencies. Being thrown together on short notice. Let everyone didn't absolutely amazing job. -- say that we were also well prepared. For this incident because. We had practice. In active shooter techniques at the clap us -- -- this past years practiced just. This for this type of situation. And now -- show you how we believe. The suspect moved. Throughout during this incident. So. From the information that we have at this time. The suspect pulled his vehicle. -- in front of Macy's. Parked his car accident in moved in a rapid manner toward the food court. Lot of folks reported that he surrounding moving quickly left his car opened fire in this general area. He ended up striking -- victims at both died of their injuries. There were some medical staff and other people that rendered -- Following this. The individual. Fled illness. Along this court are out down of that. -- lay down to some stairs. Which is. -- and upper level came downstairs. Former. Is where he. Shot. I would think that we locating victims and it's. It was straightforward really kid you this -- we believe -- -- in this area both able to come out through the front Macy's worker -- down. Two here REI that's -- long -- and officers now there. Which was subsequently transport. Over the past eighteen hours many people of that ask me. You know why. -- there's so few victims. During this incident. First a law to -- this really -- with two people killed in the third when critically injured. All of us have to recognize. That this was -- heartbreaking tragedy. By any standard. In many many people will be affected. By this terrible act of violence every day for the rest of their lives. And we should keep them inner thoughts and prayers. On the other hand I think we all need to be very thankful. That this is an incident wasn't much worse. And I believe it's a combination of factors. Several factors that led to this outcome and I want to just quickly go over those. -- Based on the evidence we -- it appeared that suspects rifle did GM while he was attacking individuals in the food court. However he was able to get the -- working again. Clapp was town center had a lot -- procedure for this type incident. And they did a great job -- in that program. Three a large number police officers arrived on the scene very rapidly curtailing the suspect's ability. To move around the mall. And for. 101000 people in the mall at one time. Kept a level head. They got themselves out of them all to help others get out. And there are just a number of heroes. That took the time to help people get out whether it's in a wheelchair child. They helped a lot of people get out of that. And it was really about a whole group of people coming together make a difference. So taking. Together. These four factors limited -- suspect's access to potential victims and gave him less time. To harm others. I'd like to close -- thinking all of our local state and federal law enforcement partners for their. Extraordinary efforts. Several neighboring jurisdictions said -- you. Might it appears they should send everybody and they were talking about all the patrol officers. For their small city to send -- out here to help. And this was even -- we. Are -- to determine the suspect was dead this level support was absolutely amazing. He gave us affiliated continue to get the investigation down and -- -- and move forward. To help come to some resolution us. And I also want to take just a moment recognized and acknowledged o'clock west Towne Centre for their prompt and effective response to this crisis. By having a plan in place. Implementing it in a timely manner they truly help protect the lives of their customers in their employees. And again lastly I just wanted to say though the whole community. Who rallied around the folks who had to face this crisis. The people -- -- this town center. And all the first responders who works so hard to keep everybody safe. And I say our motto here at the sheriff's office. Is working together make a difference and it really believe that my heart and I believe that in this crisis we really did just that we all work together well. And I believe it truly made a difference. So right now I want to turn over. To Dennis Curtis the senior general manager. Today our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and the families in the entire community. Our heart breaks for -- miscounting and that Portland community. I've lived and worked in this community many years and am deeply saddened by the events of yesterday. I hope you'll keep the entire community in your cars in your prayers and thoughts in these coming days. They need our support at this time. It's difficult to see how anything good can come out of a tragedy like this. But it reminds us is how precious we are to one another. I'd like to -- the -- law enforcement agencies and the first responders in the area there response was truly amazing. They immediately took action continued to ensure the safety of everyone the mall will remain closed today. As we work to put the facility back together. We will update our mall web site as well as our FaceBook page. As soon as we have details regarding when retailers can return to their stores. And a process for shoppers to claim personal items that have been left behind. We will also keep the community aware of any remembrance ceremony is planned at the mall. Thank you again for your support and please keep the community in your thoughts and prayers as we. All work through this very difficult. Every -- that we own and manage tests emergency response. Man you know and we rehearsed for these things all the time. We go through those -- -- a response plans on a regular basis. We've also. We've done drills with that this sheriff's office like share Roberts referred to. And basically in a situation like this it's it's. Either you know stage we're area lock yourself down or. Or killers get to the nearest exit and get out of the building. And it and I just have to commend all of this. The retailers and our security staff they did an amazing job and in fact law enforcement was commenting on that yesterday just. As they -- and it was amazing how many stores -- we're secure and people were locked. In place. Here. -- there -- some questions at the end. My name once again sergeant Adam Phillips from the Clark was county sheriff's office. I have statements. From. The families. The victims in this case. That they asked that we share with you. This first statement comes from the family. Cindy you'll. Age 54 from Portland for. Cindy was everybody's friend. She was a wonderful person who was very caring and put others first. The family has advised us that one time and space to grieve their loss and will not be giving interviews at this time. The family will make a statement. At an unspecified later date through the sheriff's office. The statement from of Forsyth -- Stephen Matthews Forsythe. Was a loving husband. Fathered two children. A sign. A brother an uncle. A long time youth sports coach. And a friend to the many people who had the privilege to meet him. Steve was one of the most passionate people with a true entrepreneurial spirit that drove him to start his business customs. Get a great sense of humor and a zest for life. Get a vision and a belief and others that brought great joy and valued -- many lives. She will be sorely missed by all -- That. Family -- when I met with them today that the media respect their desire for privacy as they grieve their loss. They will not be granting any media interviews. All the names are going to be and -- less alert that's already been sent out as well. But the spelling on their name. Is Cindy and you'll and that is CI NDY. And it's AM -- Yule is why UILLP. Stephen Matthew Forsythe is ST VVD and -- Matthew MA TH EW. Forsyth. FO YRSYTHH. 45 -- plan. Christina Shevchenko. Is KR IST I -- paying. Shevchenko. Is SH EV CH ENKO. Jacob Tyler Roberts. Jay CEO being Tyler's TYLER. Roberts is our old B. ER TS. We also have. A photograph of the suspect it's also going to be in the flash alert. Help of here's. We'll get to questions in just a moment. Mr. Roberts is from -- -- -- again. And there are a couple of pieces of information that we have been monitoring media have seen that need to be corrected. One -- was reporting that the suspect's prints were run and came back with no match. That is not actually case there was actually a direct match when we -- that person's fingerprints. We also were advised by -- media outlet that the FBI was the lead agency in this investigation and that it was being investigated as potential terrorist event. This is not true this was the sole person acting on his own -- all indicators we have at this point. The other thing that we want to share with all the citizens of -- miscounting. Is that there is help available for you now if you were -- by this event. The information on how to contact -- mental health crisis line is going to be available at our web site. On our Twitter feed and also on flash alert and the press release it's being sent out. There's also information about how to get contact or assistance through the center stone program. Which is a mental health crisis outreach program based just -- 82 avenue. Courage any citizen that wants somebody to talk to about this. To come talk to one of them if you don't have anybody else to talk to or you just need somebody to talk to you. At this point we're gonna be open it up for short amount of questions. OK and we're gonna continue to monitor this press conference on a populous county regarding yesterday's deadly shooting at a mall there that happened about 330 local time there. The suspects whom you did die from a self inflicted gunshot wounds. Identified from a news conference of the 22 year old Jacob Tyler Roberts of Portland Oregon the victims. Also it is from that accident -- From that shooting incidents also identified as a 54 year old Cindy annual at a 45 year old Stephen Mathieu for -- And at this point the county sheriff's department saying that there is a juvenile female -- -- -- Genco. Still in critical condition at a local hospital also one of the shooters targets from yesterday's assault. At this point police and they do not have a motive from the shooting and that there is no relation between the victims and the shooter himself. And elaborate on some of the details about what happened in those critical moments when those first shots were fired. The shooter was wearing a hockey -- camouflage and not a bulletproof -- but as the publisher had corrected a load bearing vast. And was armed with an -- ar fifteen semi automatic rifle. Several rounds on Jacob Tyler Roberts -- 22 year old. Suspect who did die from a self inflicted gunshot wounds of course. We're gonna continue to monitor this news conference -- -- Portland -- following yesterday's deadly shooting at that mall. And of course you can follow the very latest on abcnews.com. For now though. We're going to Richard Neer -- regularly scheduled program. -- it's been -- special with the from an ABC news now.

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