Shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon

Gunman opened fire in the early morning, killing one student and himself.
5:33 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for Shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon
This is a special. -- from the ABC. But chaotic and frightening scene at Reynolds high school and Trout dale -- -- Just sixty miles outside of Portland where a gunman opened fire this morning that school is remains in lockdown has more than a dozen law enforcement agencies are there in response. According to the sheriff's department the still identified shooter is dead along with one student let's go live to a press conference and listen. And as we are able to get more information. That district will. Provide that to the public we feel very sorry for her parents -- kids were absolutely wonderful today -- exiting the building. But as a set of we will have a press release. Later as we get more information. We're not take any more question this time but it's important to stress. This is yet again continuing investigation if a year please stay away from the -- high school area parents please be advised. Pick up your students at the wood village Fred Meyer to 23 and Gleason will be pushing out updates through the -- take. So you have information as we get and are able to release it will also be doing further releases as we go throughout the day. -- and my understand they're still investigating the the school initial blood through -- -- and that is it at that -- initial indications are that as it. But -- we're still we're still stored in the investigation. Is okay. -- over on the situation is contained the shooter is deceased were now working on route three reunify in the students with the parents. Over at the wood village Fred Meyer to 2030 Gleason so please pass that out again will push out information through the hash tag as well as through flash alert on news releases that we develop. As we get more information and more details become available as we figure out what occurred and what went on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- so -- two -- we are still moving students out of school matters then it's most of them are out if not all of them. But we are continuing to work towards that get them out and actually declared an -- reunified with their parents so again please parents -- quite certain Gleason. The wood village Fred Meyer parking lot -- and they'll be a link to pick up the students there hasn't been transported by ambulance. I'd like that again will we'll talk more about that as far as what when we have those details look at. -- Again -- can't confirm any details on what was used a weapon or anything like that as far as what type that -- have that information later today once investigation develops OK so we'll let you know as soon as we know more okay. -- I again I don't have those details with me -- will let you know as soon as those details are are able to be released as the investigation continues -- decorated unit you know. -- -- That's my understanding initial indications -- there were three -- where. They're still looking they're still looking through the school and and -- an -- them -- my understanding is that is the initial indications that this is -- we have situations contained the shooter is deceased. And now we are working on reuniting students with their parents again to 23 -- Gleason at the wood village Fred Meyer parking lot okay okay I'll be back. -- And it's -- lieutenant -- -- -- and as they've been we have confirmed that you. -- -- -- -- -- -- a press conference and Trout dale Morgan just outside of Portland. Outside of Reynolds high schools some 2800 kids attend this high school Trout -- -- course east of Portland. He listened to authorities speaking this morning a preliminary. Briefing given us an idea that the shooter what they say the shooter. That went into that high school this morning as dead along with one student. Neither have been identified at this point of course that shooting began just after 8 o'clock this morning West Coast time justice students were getting started with their day you're seeing video now. From earlier as those students fled that high school. We heard from a spokesperson from Reynolds high school commending the students for how well and how quickly they reacted today. -- Law enforcement are still said to be on the scene going through that school at this time in securing that area but they say that there is no other danger at this point they are trying to reunite parents with their kids at this point. About two miles outside of that area we want to let you -- and from an earlier sound -- from the police -- In wood village we'd like all of -- to meet your students down at that point. And also staff that are there. We'll have an update. At noon -- more information to you as lieutenant Alexander said the investigation will continue throughout the day. And I'm very very sorry for the for the family and for all the students and everybody who will be impacted by this tragic incidents. -- like I said we'll have an update at noon thank you very much. And that will be noon West Coast time 3 o'clock here they're talking about an updated briefing. Some of the questions being asked of course about the shooter what type of gun was used the officers say at this time they don't have those -- -- they hope to have those details course. A very active scene as we are looking at here from filed that he irked -- a video earlier. And a community in shock. After. A shooting. In -- -- -- Reynolds high school again this has been an ABC news digital special report I'm Michelle Franzen here in New York.

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{"id":24074999,"title":"Shooting at Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon","duration":"5:33","description":"Gunman opened fire in the early morning, killing one student and himself.","url":"/US/video/oregon-school-shooting-unidentified-gunman-opened-fire-reynolds-24074999","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}