Outrage after video shows officer shooting woman in her own home

Atatiana Jefferson was killed in her home when a Fort Worth police officer fired a shot through her window.
4:34 | 10/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Outrage after video shows officer shooting woman in her own home
And guys are gonna move on to a very I'm sad story out of Fort Worth, Texas where. A black unarmed woman a Tatiana Jefferson. Was shot and killed inside of her own home. By a white police officer a cop who did not identify that he was an officer. At all in now that officers on administrative leave so as you know this comes. In the aftermath of the high profile amber Geiger murder trial where both them John was fatally shot in his own homes are want to bring in. Marcus Moore who covered that trial and is now reporting this with the latest. Mark is good to see you if you can just. Break down what happened here. Well you know a Kimberly good to be with you and and first off this is Israeli aid a shocking incident given what we recovered as you just mentioned. A few weeks ago the amber Bagger trial of the Dallas police officer. Who shot an unarmed man inside his home and then over the weekend here in Fort Worth which is about half an hour to the west of Dallas. A police officer has a shot. A woman inside. Her own home and she passed away and there's been a strong reaction. To this here in the community as the around 2:24 AM. On a welfare check a neighbor. Of an autopsy on Jefferson. Was concerned because the front door to the home was wide open. And that that was not normal for that hour and so he the neighbor called a non emergency line. And asked for police officer to be sent to the home what was significant there Kimberly. Is that there was no emergency call he didn't call 911 also in the recording that we've heard. He doesn't state that he believes those a burglary in progress or anything of that sort. Just team said that it wasn't normal solve the assumption here is that that police were sent to the home. For simply a welfare check and it turned into. A deadly situation that officer. A police officers been with the Fort Worth police department since April of last year firing one shot. Through a bedroom window and we have seen the body camera footage that I captures the opposite barring that weapon in just seconds before that. He tells autopsy on to show her hands and us is like two seconds after he said that. They fired that shot we anticipate that won't hear from B interim police chief here in Fort Worth. Later this afternoon. As we hope to learn more about how this happened and we also know Kimberly that the police officer who fired that weapon. He is on administrative leave and is expected to speak with internal affairs sometime today. Yeah I mean it's it's completely tragic down when I'm wondering is how are the people feeling about this I mean this isn't strong line in that community. Yeah absolutely Kimberly Emmy people are upset. If a genuinely angry. That this happened there were protests. Overnight there was acts of vigil that was held at. Autopsy on his home here in Fort Worth that vigil turned into pay of the demonstration a protest people chanting. And they actually took to the streets here there was a large group of protesters. Both tried to get onto one of the interstates. Similar to the protests that we have seen in years past following. Officer involved shootings where. People of color have been shot many of them unarmed. And so we saw that scene repeating itself here in Fort Worth it was not violent and things ended up peacefully. And I'm not aware of any arrest that happened but it was simply a very vivid example. Of the anger that people are feeling right now one man told our. Affiliate WFAA. That what happened this weekend. Was like a scab that's has been torn off and that fresh wound just won't heal and he was referring to the amber Geiger case was she shot and killed both teams on an unarmed black man inside his home and all of the other incidents where police officers have use deadly force. In situations. Where the community is that it is not warranted and here we are again. Here in north Texas dealing with another situation. The could be. That the same where an innocent person has been killed. Inside her home. Yes to many of these stories Marcus Moore are right there in Fort Worth, Texas thank you so much.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Atatiana Jefferson was killed in her home when a Fort Worth police officer fired a shot through her window.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66265723","title":"Outrage after video shows officer shooting woman in her own home","url":"/US/video/outrage-video-shows-officer-shooting-woman-home-66265723"}