Victim Recounts Events of the Pa. School Stabbing

Brett Hurt says the friend that he was walking down the hall with saved his life.
25:07 | 04/10/14

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Transcript for Victim Recounts Events of the Pa. School Stabbing
This is a special room. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Franzen in New York nearly two dozen people injured in yesterday's stabbing spree at Franklin. Regional high school and worries -- Pennsylvania. The young suspect sixteen year old Alex her ball is on suicide watch right now we expect doctors and victims of the stabbing to speak at a news conference at Forbes regional hospital. And -- grove Pennsylvania let's listen. Plus positions forty plus vs. It was an opportune time for our hospital as it was a shift change time and so we have doubled the staff. We had three trauma surgeons here we have to about five anesthesiologists. And all the other specialties that were needed to provide appropriate care for these patients -- there -- The first revisions that arrived. -- take into the operating room the first and about five minutes the second in about ten minutes. And the second and the third one about thirty minutes later because we -- making sure that we didn't have yet I'm more critical patient showing up. In the interim. These revisions are still in the icu today. Two of them remain -- -- -- one of them is doing fine and conversant. No longer needing the support of a little later. Other additional. Four patients that we received from the scene. Two of those are going home today. And the other two will likely go home sometime. Over the weekend. They're all doing well. So I think without opening statement what's going on I'll stop at this point. -- We have -- -- -- icu patients had planned additional surgeries. The end of their operations yesterday. They were planned to return to the operating room. And over the course of the next three days -- will both be returned to the operating room at least once. So those that's -- reality of trauma surgery today is that we stop the operation at a point when the patient either. Becomes -- From Jalisco regulation. And we think it's better to stop and come back another day the other reason we sometimes do is to take another look at the injuries and make sure everything's -- as we expect. Doctor can -- say whether the wounds and some of these patients show a sign of some kind of struggle. There's no way to tell. In trauma surgery we realize that we don't know the position of the patient when they were stabbed. Usually somebody doesn't standstill. In the -- an episode because it's not always a surprise that somebody is is is business news. Although and I do you understand for some of the victims yesterday. They were unaware. That this was going on and there were surprised. So in the patients that we received these patients each. A stab wounds. Looked like it was. More so. Prize then he kind of struggle. -- -- Well if -- usually offensive defensive when people use their arms to try to fend off somebody with a knife. And our patients the southern visions we receive all have tried to stab wounds to that are there trough so they have -- muscular chest. They're -- the -- and their back. I really goes -- Walking down the hall for of them aren't. -- Evans. Visual. Like hit. She was screaming unite and resist that in and news. Everything is -- Like I do those glory on it as assistant Brian the competitive it is. And stabbed in the back and keeps. How how how lecturer. -- her put pressure on -- -- -- -- you know. We'll put your mind. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When your time. -- -- -- Paying him but I news here news we'll leave it sure. We. This is because -- -- it is chaos my account today. -- -- I'm gonna stab in the back. Shot in the back. And -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- members messner appreciate. Like popular as a way because it's usually do fought for the morning a little -- and he played -- has had a -- His in the vacuum. That's when it is true. K and into street chaos. Yeah. Home. -- happen so fast is kind of hard to describe. I got -- a couple times but never really talked to. What kind of reputation zealots have of the school will. I don't his reputation but after today. Can you repeat that. I used to but would mean working. Marquez stopped place chores -- -- the weight room and. And again it does things outside the school. -- group with some friends. He'd get defensive. PT training -- -- friend's military. -- weightlifting and physical training staff that he does outside the school. And not. In the school -- from the -- or. More. On there -- some in the hallways. London. When sources. States all players are -- those areas. When I got who is finished are going in different directions. -- she used. Creamy news asking me -- -- and. China keep pressure on my back and take the easier safer. -- There and you thank you want for us -- review. Oh man I was -- -- I was -- views. Only the third person -- fourth -- to get it. Canada my son made it. As far every -- Can be the last to know that their child is still here. Kinney -- and got -- it really. When my daughter network yesterday freaking out and told them my son was on the list of victims -- Iraq. I don't think any panic in the world would ever want to go through that kind of -- in for all students here. -- in -- hospital with their children ring now. I send my condolences and I -- in your pain. -- -- Martin hugged it kissed. I -- voters saying you can there is nothing in the world but I think that perfectly for a season. Using her life. Aren't -- -- -- mounting in the hallway. I think that's what it didn't hurt. So patently -- That's it from you. -- Is that you -- your. -- didn't let nobody. I think -- Any mother. I'm proud of her as much as I have got my son. -- -- -- Keep watching may get there every hardship we're confident our -- -- And all honesty any child that is honestly able to do something like that I feel that it is not only. His peers his Stanley. But it is the school. Could -- -- look and say what have we done. To alienate this child for him. Today's subject for -- thing. And I hope. That his -- can find peace. And I hope this child can find peace in some way and come out and showed his true feelings on -- He he did what -- it. Mind. I think in this time in this age that we -- -- and honesty I think there's more bullying that went anybody wants to say. And I honestly feel that. Some students. Days they have a tendency of sunshine us. More than other students do you have a group that silicon. In the world better. -- outgoing loving and charming. You have other kids that are just. -- -- you know individuals and -- that are just -- in don't know how to handle society. And anything that wave that we need to look and say. How her children -- With social skills these days power they let other children. How are they being tested in the world for negative or positive ways. And we need to start testing that can now. Before it goes any further than when it. -- I'm not sure and sure can do is -- at this point in time. I think you are locked in their -- -- huge -- and -- I just need -- village true. I think all of us who -- injured in -- -- need panic we're all lucky to still be alive. In the group of people very critical arena there -- very. Served lucky -- from a glass. Obviously that any limitations and you know. Hopefully we'll get back to -- -- -- Sooner. We're shaking. That'll come some time. Or -- -- you. Now it's happened from behind I didn't even -- Burning. The hallway from -- on the way I didn't really happened mr. Cruz's bill was booked. I'm not totally sure. From there were some kids who got threatening phone calls the night before the incident -- -- one of the number do you know any other kids who did. And and. You know we're very. -- -- I was not home. You know do -- part. I was told the huge started from -- the and in the whole way we're actually this work -- -- into a couple postures. I was put I was told -- totally sure. -- I feel that he has some issues she's -- work out. He need this did really bad decision which took him down. That. I don't think he should have to wind down. Com I think he -- of choosing a different path to take. -- everywhere has more than one route taken away. You choose which path you're taking that -- -- -- -- to be consequences later in the future. Everyone has news. Bruises everywhere has choice -- and to make the right or wrong decision. -- -- -- Com. -- made him a couple times photo I don't know -- policies. Family they found out two days before the incident his girlfriend about. -- -- -- principal. -- -- She's still in hopes that we'll start seeing the sales up enough -- -- -- -- My daughters and high schools well she's a freshman. Xena let us down the hallways. Coming out she was and the library. And apparently whenever she came out his after the firearm and she's -- -- -- She says she saw blood she says she's a student -- this -- and stomach. Com and she basically went into shock. She's weather friends. I'm very grateful for her friend Nolan who's been with her -- statements -- At this point. -- a little bit and I plan on getting. Right back with some therapy. Jesse -- -- there. Utter respect 12 Brett. We appreciate -- your courage. He's displayed maturity beyond his years. And I think -- -- we need to do for bread is his physicians is limited to two more questions and and and really be respectful Brad. In his time in what is -- I honestly feel that once he gets help maybe he can forgive himself. See you. Maybe. From some sort of thinking maybe he had worked for dinosaurs somebody two. To. Show a different -- maybe it would have been different. Apparently he didn't have enough support says some of the other students in the school half. -- and we hope that he hit may commence on what he's done and hopefully we'll come out to assure its own way what his display of action would cost it. -- who one day he -- every -- He can. I can forgive him everywhere else -- got her to forgive. Us of all he has to forgive himself. Thank you very much -- -- in and thank you man. 1 comment I am I have been in touch with the superintendent of schools for Franklin regional. A generic Perino. And we spoke today we spoke this morning about really. We could see that trauma that that -- his experience. And we know that he and the other students are going to need some resource to reach out to. So I'll when anything bad happens -- so much good that comes out our community. And we have numerous counselors and crisis programs a lot of people reaching out to us we'll do need to do is manage that -- And and working with the superintendent in schools we're gonna put the resources that we have together -- Allegheny health network. We do have an adolescent trauma. Post traumatic syndrome program hand we're gonna of Matt's dad to get that was on the other resources we have and our communities and our churches. In and in our schools. People. That was what the phone call conversation actually -- was sound frank Andrew regional does have some access to their to their counselors. -- down we also think that -- this is on a different different level. I mean I think that view and experience. This type about mass assault. So we need to bring the resources in and matched those together. And and and that -- gonna work that is. What I can say it is. That we didn't make clear. Previously is the magnitude of the injuries of of these -- The patients that we have to to give a short list of organs that they had injuries -- injuries too long. Diaphragm. Liver. -- -- Stomach. Pancreas. And kidneys. So these were not trivial superficial stab wounds has been pre -- we have stated previously these were. Significantly -- penetrations women's. And over the next several days. As I said earlier. Two of these patients will be returned to the operating room for what we call a second look. And sometimes even a third looked to see how things there are doing internally because we'd rather find stuff out sooner rather than later. And although we have MRIs and cat scans and ultrasound and lots of ways to look inside people. Looking live two lives is still definitive test and these are important things an important injuries. And so that's what we reserve -- options. Look again. Couple hits and explain to me that they were -- I think. News. And -- -- C. -- things. -- him. This happened so suddenly and I think with the one exception that's been presented in detail here that is the exception to the rule. That the other patients pretty much. We're catered for exclusively by. Official personnel. At the school the teachers the principal. And the EMS response but not. The the -- -- the security folks trying to help out but not the the other students. As far as I'm aware. I -- more stories are coming out. I heard of I spoke to 1 this morning about biology teacher was very much surprised by the fact that he was that. And he said down specifically mr. Lucci who deserves the credit took into the side they -- down put pressure on his -- Hand down and really calmed him and and and and supported -- so. So you it's right there there are I think it's if anything we were we were taking care of the victims -- were managing that. And now those stories of heroism and -- of board. Compassion -- -- -- -- One or -- today. I think Brett said it best that we. Over time they expect these folks who go home early. To return to their full state of health and activity. And other than emotional trauma and and dealing with. The long term. Remembrances. Of these types of events. Physically. That it will be returned to a full state of health and -- activity. I think it's too early to say for those folks. Because again there and -- -- -- they need to go back to the operating room. They had very severe injuries. -- it's too early to just -- for them. The first two they came here if they -- required transport. Downtown by ambulance would have not survived. The thirty minute drive to downtown Pittsburgh. They would have bled to death. Minister. Crazy -- you may today is here. She came in yesterday twice. Even after her -- -- CNN kiss not them for the second time she didn't want to leave believes his side at all. -- it was by her mother's divorce and my horse that -- friendly voters go home and I kept for updated all. -- the got a hold -- this morning and we think that she will be coming up we'll do. -- -- -- -- You've been listening to a press conference at Forbes regional hospital and -- -- Pennsylvania -- -- coming out this morning. About the condition of the patients that students brought to that. Medical facility in just the the moments following that stabbing yesterday doctors there are telling us seven patients three of them. In in and trauma situation three still in icu at 21 -- to leaders. As for the other four patients -- are expected to possibly be released today apparent injuries and two perhaps over the weekend. Doctors saying that the ones with the minor injuries should have a full -- or recovery physically. But it is a psychological trauma that -- are also concerned with in the long term we also heard from one of the victims -- sixteen year old. Brett hurt who described the moments of that chaotic. Attack. Yesterday he said he was in the hallway with his friends like he is on most mornings plane around. Pushing one of his good. Friends her name's Gracie and said that he pushed her out of the way and next thing he knew he was stabbed in the back didn't even understand what was happening at the time. And then things unfolded from there Gracie of course his friend tells. A more heroic story of what her friend Brett did. I'm telling ABC news that she says my best friend he stepped in front of me -- in the meantime he got stabbed stabbed in the back protecting me. A lot of words of encouragement coming from Brett surrounding his friends he says he hopes to attend his prom and dance. In the coming months with his girlfriend who attends. Another school and he also reached out to the I suspect in this case -- that he hopes that he is. Also ends up for giving himself so a lot of details. Coming out this morning a lot of stories of heroism. And a long way to go for the school this community as they continue recovering from -- mass stabbing that occurred. After hot at the high school. Yesterday this has been a special report on Michelle Franzen here in New York.

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{"id":23274408,"title":"Victim Recounts Events of the Pa. School Stabbing","duration":"25:07","description":"Brett Hurt says the friend that he was walking down the hall with saved his life.","url":"/US/video/pa-school-stabbing-victim-friend-saved-life-23274408","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}