Painting Squirrel Goes Nuts for Art

Louisiana native Winkelheimer Smith isn't your traditional artist.
1:48 | 01/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Painting Squirrel Goes Nuts for Art
So really need to Monet or van go hanging on the wall when you can have an artist's work who has some real spunk. -- that's right -- have about an artist and some real. Analysts stick integrity Melissa Hawkes and Kate -- -- and sloppy at Louisiana. Tells us about the fine work. Most -- you'll find outside jumping from treated treat. Her behavior he didn't -- but not -- alzheimer's Smith here cheaper first to be inside with that he -- and he. I've never had -- road and any kind before. And I always thought they were probably standoffish check in -- -- -- do we behind her after she had a close call with the cats so I ran outside to go and grabber and I scooped her up and I thought -- is -- at first but you still breathing after being nursed back to health. We -- started following the talk around she's a full time artist and spends her days making dolls like these ones. Bright eyed winkle timer is always watching close behind the pick up some of her -- -- never play with. And kind of stand up and hold them so they kind of look like she is the mimicking what I was doing I'll admit it wasn't easy getting legal hybrid -- -- -- a picture. After all she's become quite the star you learn how to -- brush. Your comment on -- before -- anymore. Her YouTube -- -- seen here has almost 45000. Hits blog -- reported -- but after an hour and a half of nine of peanuts. Getting some play time in grooming yourself. And -- getting it quick nap she was ready to paint her masterpiece. In she's done. Although it took some time it was worth the wait to see this little -- -- action.

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{"id":15395860,"title":"Painting Squirrel Goes Nuts for Art","duration":"1:48","description":"Louisiana native Winkelheimer Smith isn't your traditional artist.","url":"/US/video/painting-squirrel-goes-nuts-for-art-15395860","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}