As pandemic slows in US, appointment backlogs grow

ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt looks at offices, such as the DMV, that are seeing a major logjam in appointments as they start to reopen.
4:16 | 05/14/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for As pandemic slows in US, appointment backlogs grow
The more Americans get vaccinated in life starts to return to normal there's a crow backlog of the appointments of many of us put off for the past year or more. Trips to the DMV's citizenship test that is our injured Gilbert reports as those offices get up and running again in May be harder to get an appointment it might take you even longer. Once you get there. If you thought waiting in line are getting an appointment at the DMV was Hassell before the pandemic. Now it's even worse is very challenging actually trying to get appointments scheduled. You know we're at three months. From getting a learners permit to a new license plate for some process is you just have to be there in person. Impossible during emergency Kobe shut downs. But as more states lift corona virus for sure chins and more Americans get vaccinated services that couldn't go remote are opening back up. And DMV's are dealing with those delays. Look at this line of people I'm me. Before you six blocking. They would have season could sit down. Now let's you know makes really difference. Kathy here says her daughter has been waiting months to take her driver's test. Pre pandemic may only taken a few dates it's frustrating you know you're studying you want and can I get the test done you wanna be able to get in there and then. Dinner and you just can't so many of these services are caught playing catch up. It could be awhile before the logjam clears in Virginia the DMV says the department is seen a surge with. More transactions across all service channels now than pre pandemic there encouraging people to use online services but it's not always possible. This year to get my a license very much. Took me about. 34 months to get appointment. In orient wait times might not clear for months this driver says he's been trying to register and title for vehicles after moving to organ from out of state. If you called and GM being they're saying that you have to wait seventeen weeks before you can actually cautioned about where here. Title information and fight rather. Back in Virginia Leo Holtz was fortunate enough to update her plates preaching patience and a bit of luck. Dan is seen phone calls make sure calorie documents I was really get delayed. Probably beginning of April blended thank you very large town could not get anybody on the phone lines. So now here fan I have everything I need the coat that caused back ups are also delaying a far weeding your matter then a drive. Ers license the path to US citizenship. Laura Munoz is an immigration advocate in Florida and says her phone is ringing off the hook with immigration status is. Hanging in limbo Kobe delays and only created more eggs ID and headaches for soon to be citizens wondering and waiting. Because age you woods on here how. Yeah how are two years she you're being cranks I hear you have who what I have 400 daughter's last. Who green light green card. If you really need so or not going on arch we send you can and you know my happy issues new renewed U and I say his shares for Laura the back of his actually personal. Our very own naturalization. Was only just process has been a long each rank and even though I'm not hard it does worry I have these so many Asa rules. US citizenship and immigration services tells ABC news naturalization ceremonies for new American citizens. Is a top priority and some a 1101000. Citizenship applicants. Were suspended and hide in a pandemic because the naturalization process requires an in person element. But the US CIS says those applicants were able to naturalize and August of last year. And now that their offices have reopened under CDC guidelines more citizenship services are catching up. And not only sees more young audiences couldn't single day at all it was an arts and art. Policy agency in Seoul days have really started to reopen very slow week. Whether it's the DMV citizenship or anything in between it was suspended because of the corona virus now there's not much else Americans can do but be patient. And persisting. Nine I'm. OK I don't. Andrew timber ABC news. Washington. Patience and persistence are his pays off our thanks Andrew for that.

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{"duration":"4:16","description":"ABC News’ Andrew Dymburt looks at offices, such as the DMV, that are seeing a major logjam in appointments as they start to reopen.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77681066","title":"As pandemic slows in US, appointment backlogs grow","url":"/US/video/pandemic-slows-us-appointment-backlogs-grow-77681066"}