Parents Protest Amid Sex Abuse Scandal

Angry parents no longer consider their kids safe at Miramonte Elementary School.
1:46 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for Parents Protest Amid Sex Abuse Scandal
Parents want their children to -- Monte elementary. Pass the TV cameras the police and a small group of protesters. How can speak for himself and even -- -- other kids right here they would like to -- speak out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some of the people holding banners have children at school the frustration parents feel has intensified. Now the two teachers are behind bars first Evers mark Burt who's accused of -- will be children. Feeding film of them his semen and putting roaches on their faces. The former teacher was under investigation for over a year after he allegedly tried to develop pictures that showed the lewd -- We were never notified until now that the media out here and that's in the news I just got really really upset and angry that we're not getting the responses that we you know -- Our questions then last week to girls came forward and accused teacher -- springer of fondling them in his classroom. He was arrested on Friday Silvia Reyes says one of her grandsons had a nightmare about mr. springer after students say he yelled at them last week. -- -- and be quiet be quiet be quiet. And they're like why we're just asking questions and he set out won't be quiet because -- -- billion. And then my grandson that -- Kilmeade and then he's been out just kidding. -- and other parents went to the school today to find out if they can pull their kids out of your moxie but many say they don't know where they go at this point in the school year. Parents are also in a bind because their children keep asking why springer and birds are no longer teaching. He'd actually. What happened to the teachers -- that the two -- that law they did something wrong they weren't supposed to do at this thing you get time off when you do something about they're happy they're timeout out.

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{"id":15525209,"title":"Parents Protest Amid Sex Abuse Scandal","duration":"1:46","description":"Angry parents no longer consider their kids safe at Miramonte Elementary School.","url":"/US/video/parents-protest-amid-california-sex-abuse-scandal-15525209","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}