Parkland massacre remembered one year later

Memorials are taking place to commemorate the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting which claimed the lives of 17 people.
3:56 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for Parkland massacre remembered one year later
TJ Parkland fla of a moment of silence was held there this morning for the seventeen people. Who lost their lives one year ago today in that school shooting there in Parkland ABC's Victor OK and no is there and victory you've been there all morning. Described that moment for us what's the mood like. It was definitely powerful Stephanie we saw. Security guards students people in the community or were just walking by they all stopped. What did the school bowed their heads. In that moment of silence I want to show you something real quick there are these stones but found them all over the Syria closer larger Stillman Douglass high school. Still a little messages on them this will says amnesty strong. Spread love and there's even a mess is on the back this winter says. I am just another human being this community just impressive. Once again on the one year anniversary. Of this massacre. It was that moment of silence 10:17 AM across Broward County even the state really show many schools joining in. Many reading off the names of all the victims the seventeen students and staff members. Who were gunned down. Here in Portland there are events planned throughout the day there are ceremonies community service projects and interfaith mass there's a lot more it is a somber day. But it's also a day of healing Stephanie. And Victor a lot of the students have turned into activists fighting for. Stricter gun laws making it their mission in and in this past year 76 laws have actually been passed a just last night the House Judiciary Committee. Voting on on what of these bills due to enforce stricter gun laws now. We understand at some of these students Victor are choosing not to speak out in that way today. Those kids always so impressive a lot of the more the once you. Planned the march for life rallies they have decided to go on a media blackout not just social media where they've done so much good work but we're talking about all needed here. They will not be talking to anyone for three days. Her forties I should say and that is. In respect to the victims that's why they're able to speak with the violence that any mention all those laws that have been passed 76 some of them getting bumped stocks regulating emissions size and there's one law in Florida that was passed. Raising the minimum age to purchase firearms are 21 years old and the waiting period. 23 days. And Victor I was there on the ground last year when that the shooting first happened I remember speaking to a young lady a high school student who. Since she room she was in that hot classroom at one of the classrooms where. The shooter opened fire she was hiding. Just fearing that she was about to lose your life and in just hearing her green live those moments it was very emotional I can only imagine what the students are going through today kind of reliving those same moments. I'm and you were also there on the ground covering this extensively. What sticks out to you the most from your time there on the ground a year ago and today. Well Stephanie you hear so many stories like that I mean just minutes ago we walked over to little memorial right here at the front of the school. And we saw a student who came with his guitar he. Wasn't playing his guitar he just brought it because he lost a friend he's like listening to play. For us here it's it's difficult anytime that we come back I remember pulling up just hours to the shooting. We saw students running away from the school parents desperately searching for their told her in. Everyone pick in this community wondering how this could've happened. Here. But I have to say the way that everybody here in park when in Broward County the weather did it together in the wake of this and of course. Those students face in this horrible tragedy have stood up taking on the challenge that not stop trying to enact change. That is kind of the lasting memory for me here Stephanie. All right picture thank you so much for sharing that definitely a difficult year for those families that. Friends of those victims and the community as well but it's good to see them coming together today to remember those victims Victor again thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Memorials are taking place to commemorate the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting which claimed the lives of 17 people.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61079569","title":"Parkland massacre remembered one year later","url":"/US/video/parkland-massacre-remembered-year-61079569"}