Parkland shooting survivor's soccer dreams come true

Anthony Borges, who was seriously injured in the 2017 mass shooting, played with professional players after a miraculous recovery.
5:01 | 06/20/19

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Transcript for Parkland shooting survivor's soccer dreams come true
We turn to. A remarkable story imagine being sixteen year old sixteen years old a student who not only loves soccer but was amazing at soccer and plays soccer and Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. That is my next guest here Anthony Borges. During the Parkland shooting. You were shot while shielding your friends from bullets. Then you are in the hospital for three months and had to learn. To walk again. Inmate you guys remember seeing him I want. Powerful New York magazine cover and where it showed all of your wounds but not only learned to walk again. You were playing soccer Indians the last night. I want you to tell us about this I'm you're playing with some professionals last night yes it is obvious thing. Things yes so. Anthony also joined by your father. Breuer gorgeous we appreciate you guys being here well little I hate seeing your son in for you plane with these guys last night. After you people say he may not walk. Yes. Can. And culpable because people saying. I'm Huntingdon life causes eye and constant. Nobody nobody from the well it got half hour from mean losing them money so public try to bring. To place a we did it feel is diffuse them making few words sometimes feel root cause to see. About crimes once and that was so long and I suit Chang's name and yes now. I was in all kind of wrong. You can run you can play. You are acting a month and we're seeing you right here this footage in the U. You know warming up when you see your son and out there on the field again what does that feel like knowing everything that you guys have. Been through now that's a father in now. When is so. Do you kids' ideas in this and the vet and hosted that really bad shape. Right now I feel proud of him and and I am grateful for the cat because. You know so he wasn't beach and who flew to Anthony stay. I mean we can uniting. Hey you wanna. Walk again yet now he's strong and play food and. Can you give us a little bit of an idea of what that process was light to go from being in a hospital bed. To having to learn to use your legs again and then finally doing what you love again. Yes fair is it was very. First time when a Waco. Texas that my ability. Memorial was because if repairs I see doing wrong. When a way to cope. I see my neck hope pain and McCain opening. I don't feel and I think condolence. To Mars missions paying. I was asleep his to lose my body was known yet why can't see their routine. I dream. But king's. Things I see they. It's strange to us and and to what. Bowl what I see the change. And I was waiting for. Tune uncle. And choose way to afford to go to hunt nobody won two. I. To be shows like five times don't want to begin husbands who moans going to notify me. Realize how difficult time. Did you enjoy playing last night callers when you're back on the field does it feel good news affiliate in. Sometimes and it was painful physical did you did you play well yeah and I don't know who this. What did the what did he got there who're some of the professional athletes cellar with you. And then when it they say about your performance. The south playing who have pay anything. Home. It's just such as anything yes it's. I think here may ever limping easier breathing because a liar and he absolutely. What do you think is next because this has been. Quite the journey the journey continues what do you have in your mind for what's next for Anthony. Thanks. Just keep things it's because those supply chain problems always find chain to play professional so confident arsenal. Yes. James can come true yes because if you've been didn't do it yes. Never rest. Now under arrest absolutely well. We appreciate you guys for being here we appreciate the Bleacher Report for providing some of the footage that shows us how awesome you're doing so Breuer Borges Anthony Borges thank you so much needed to see you guys happy you're doing well.

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Anthony Borges, who was seriously injured in the 2017 mass shooting, played with professional players after a miraculous recovery. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63840147","title":"Parkland shooting survivor's soccer dreams come true","url":"/US/video/parkland-shooting-survivors-soccer-dreams-true-63840147"}