Passage of abortion ban bills across US causes major backlash

A boycott using the hashtag #BoycottAlabama has begun to gain traction online.
2:55 | 05/17/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Passage of abortion ban bills across US causes major backlash
And guys we move on to Alabama line an uproar over the State's controversial abortion law a reminder this law makes it a felony for any doctor to perform an abortion and less the life of the mother is in danger there are no exceptions for rape. And incest now in Alabama a boycott movement with the hash tag boycott Alabama. Is gaining a lot of traction online so want to go to Steve Olson Sonny who has more Steve. Kimberly the fight over these new abortion restrictions and laws are being passed. In state legislatures primarily in the south has moved from legislative. Two economic were standing in front of the Georgia State Capitol right now. Where lawmakers here past what is being called the part B law essentially bans. Abortion after six weeks of pregnancy most people would say when a fetal heartbeat can be detected critics point out that. That essentially is a near total ban of abortions because that's before. Most women would even know that they're pregnant. The concern here is over at the film industry more than 450. Films have been filmed in sort of films and TV shows this is. A huge business here and actors and production companies are threatening to either. Pull their protections or refuse to film here because of the laws if these anti these reports laws that are that are that are happening. And that is. Threatening to hit georgians in the Paula pocketbook Stacey Abrams who ran for governor and lost through the current governor Brian camp opened in part camp. Has come out essentially saying that that's not such a great idea that you're punishing workers and and I would add as as a resident here that. They're also punishing most of the people who live and people who live mostly in some of the most liberal counties of door to the governor of Colorado has now. Is now threatening a boycott against a state of Alabama. Threatening to pull all travel government travel to the state. There also boycotts threatening threatened against Alabama's poultry industry. And against Mercedes-Benz. Which builds cars and Alabama and has headquarters here. In Georgia so. This appears to be. That bit the next wave of activity on this issue which is this economic boycott. But again. Many residents here would say that it is. It's misplaced. Hit the end game here of course is the Supreme Court this will end up in the Supreme Court it takes four justices to hear. The challenges to these laws. And the abortion anti abortion supporters. Are hoping that they now have enough justices. To overturn Roe vs. Wade course which was 19731973. Decision that legalized abortion. All right thank you Steve.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"A boycott using the hashtag #BoycottAlabama has begun to gain traction online.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63106596","title":"Passage of abortion ban bills across US causes major backlash","url":"/US/video/passage-abortion-ban-bills-us-major-backlash-63106596"}